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Hit Picks: What’s new this week in music

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Here’s what’s hitting the bins March 31 at Inner Sleeve CDs and Records.MSTD_EOS_LP_grande.jpeg

Eric Bibb “Migrations Blues”
Body Count “Bloodlust”
Creeper “Eternity In Your Arms”
Rodney Crowell “Close Ties”
Nelly Furtado “Ride”
Eric Gales “Middle Of The Road”
Goldfrapp “Silver Eye”
John Lee Hooker “Whiskey & Wimmen: His Finest”
Aimee Mann “Mental Illness”
Mastodon “Emperor Of Sand”

Ed Gales.png Mavericks “Brand New Day”
Coco Montoya “Hard Truth”
Uriah Heep “Look At Yourself” (2CD Reissue)

 Uriah Heep “Demons & Wizards” (2CD Reissue)
Uriah Heep “Magician’s Birthday” (2CD Reissue)
Warbringer “Woe To The Vanquished”

Craig Brown Band “Lucky Ones Forget”
Eric Gales “Middle Of The Road”
Mastodon “Emperor Of Sand”

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