By Shereen Siewert

Vinyl aficionados take note: Saturday was Record Store Day, your chance to nab a host of exclusive picks released on vinyl only at record stores, while showing your appreciation for independent record store owners. If you didn’t make it to your favorite store over the weekend, those releases are still available (unless, of course, someone already snapped them up).

When Record Store Day started a decade ago, it was conceived as a way to draw attention to independent record stores. But a funny thing happened in the following years: Records – actual LP record albums – mounted a comeback in pop culture.

And as fans of vinyl celebrate the unofficial holiday today, the audience – and reach – of the medium has changed considerably.

Vinyl initially saw a resurgence as music lovers in their 20s and early 30s sought a way to differentiate their music listening. Albums were old school, filled with hisses and pops that digital music had erased. But those flaws added depth and warmth to the music that even people who once owned extensive album collections had forgotten after years of listening to digital music. And while digital is technically cleaner, the compression technology in MP3s tends to dull the highs and lows.

Vinyl sales in 2016 surged by 25 percent, reaching an all time high, according to the Recording Artist Industry of America. And here’s another fun fact: sales of vinyl records worldwide are also beating ad-supported streaming. Sales of LPs and 45s in 2016 trumped revenues from YouTube Music, VEVO, SoundCloud, and Free Spotify combined.

Inner Sleeve Records & CDs, 209 Scott St., has these Record Store Day releases available today, according to the store’s Facebook page:

  • Black Angels “Death Song” (Blacklight Glow In The Dark Vinyl)
  • Distillers “Coral Fang” (Red Vinyl)
  • Doors “Live At The Matrix
  • Halestorm “ReAniMate” (Picture Disc)
  • Hawkwind “Best Of United Artist Years 1971-1974” (Swirl Vinyl)
  • Head & The Heart “Stinson Beach Sessions”
  • Bryan Lee “Live At The Old Absinthe House, Friday Night”
  • Stevie Nicks “Rarities”
  • Noise Addict “10,000 Kids With Guitars”
  • Rough Guide To Delta Blues “Various Artists”
  • Patti Smith “Hey Joe/Piss Factory” 7?
  • Tegan & Sara “Under Feet Like Ours”
  • The Time “What Time Is It?” (Green Vinyl)
  • Uriah Heep “Live”
  • Venom “At War With Satan” (Picture Disc)
  • Neil Young “Decade”

Inner Sleeve is open today from noon to 5 p.m. While you’re there, be sure to say “thanks” to Mike Capista for his many years of giving music lovers exactly what they want.