By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU – If you’ve ever had a bicycle stolen in Wausau, you might just have a chance to recover your ride.

The Wausau Police Department on Monday announced they will submit their inventory of bicycles for sale at auction as a way to reduce the inventory collected throughout the years.

When bicycles are reported abandoned, officers retrieve the bicycle for storage in a bike barn. While all bikes are checked for identifying information such as serial numbers, the bike is often not matched with its rightful owners, police say.

“We encourage all residents to keep record of all identifying characteristics of your property, including bicycles,” according to the department’s Facebook post. “If you are a victim of theft, we strongly encourage everyone to report that incident so we have record of the items stolen. Our goal is to return property to its rightful owners. This is very challenging when victims of theft do not report the crime.”

The department can’t store bicycles indefinitely, so all unclaimed bicycles will be auctioned after June 3. Police say anyone who has a lost or stolen bicycle and wants to check the current inventory should contact James Hellrood at (715) 370-4524 before June 3.

You might just get lucky – in time for summer riding.