By Shereen Siewert

Police are warning motorists to be vigilant while driving, as the number of crashes involving cars and deer continues to rise.

In Lincoln County, for example, 16 people reported striking deer in the past week alone. Most of the crashes appear to be happening mid-afternoon and early evening, according to a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department report.

Deer crashes typically spike this time of year as bugs chase deer out into open spaces.  At least three bear were also struck this past week in Lincoln County and a bear cub was found dead on the Hwy. K at Hwy. 51 ramp in the town of Merrill. An adult bear was found dead Friday on Vista Drive in the town of Merrill, and early Saturday a Lincoln County deputy struck a bear on Hwy. 8 near Hwy. T outside of Tripoli, damaging the squad car, police said.

The Marathon County Sheriff’s Department is also warning motorists to be on the lookout for deer this time of year.

A Marathon County Sheriff’s Department Facebook post reads: With fawns being born and the bugs moving the deer out of the woods during the day, the deer have a tendency of moving more, Please drive safe.