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Wausau School District retirees leave a combined 740 year legacy

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Congratulations to Wausau Schools teachers, staff, and administrators who retired throughout the 2016-2017 academic year.

Retirees include:

Shirley Berkley, Jon Betry, Scott Betry, Karen Clark, Susan Eggebrecht, Patricia Erdman, Lisa Garr, Sandra Craven, Katherine Guthman, Kathleen Hagenbucher, Greg Harvey, Jennifer Hollman, Carol Hoops, LaRae Jelmeland, Lisa Jindrich, Margie Josiger, Peggy Kettunen, Jamie Kickbusch, Michael Kriesel, Linda Lang, Linda Y. Larson, Anne Merryfield, Julie Mieska, Patricia Mikul, Karla Mirick, Kathleen Naef, Mary Quiett, Diana Siegel, Kenneth Smith, Deborah Sommerfeldt, Mary Ann Trantow, Randall Trulen, Janice Webb, Kathleen Williams, and Gayle Woller.

These 35 individuals have a combined 740 years of District service. Thank you for serving our area students!

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