Dear Editor:

I want to start off this letter by saying the Alderperson John Hattenhauer is referring to is correct. I am only one individual in favor of chickens within city limits and have not reached out until I read his feeble attempt at a sound debate against chickens in Wausau. So thank you, John, you inspired me to fight for the chickens and against your poorly orchestrated reasoning.

It seemed to me, after reading John’s letter to the Editor that he is imagining a chicken coop on the same level as a factory farm. “Their droppings smell” well, any droppings – especially when wet – smell from any living being. It’s very ignorant to assume the caretakers of the potential chickens will not clean up after their hens, as all animal owners try to do. I feel as though you are forgetting that these animals will be in our yards, our piece of property that we take care of because we live there.

“This would require throwing garbage in the back yard where it will attract raccoons, feral cats, and other vermin.” John, I am not sure where you live, but when was the last time you saw a raccoon or a feral cat in Wausau city limits? You do realize that cats don’t eat table scraps, and are actually more of a threat to birds, since they kill and leave their prey to rot. My partner and I have been composting in our backyard for the past 1.5 years and have never even seen any of these threats you are so certain would appear out of thin air if we had chickens in our yard.

The salmonella argument presented is simply fear mongering. If you are so concerned with salmonella, perhaps you should stop eating chickens and factory farmed eggs from Kwik Trip. Factory farms carry loads of bacteria, not only salmonella. Oh no! Do you know where the food you eat comes from?

That question brings me to my next point. There is a shift occurring in this country and you are living under a rock if you are not aware that people are starting to care where their food comes from. John, I assume by your writing style that you are older, and you can thank my generation for stirring up such “progressive” ideas in the city you reside in. “We’ve always done it this way” are six very dangerous words.

Alaina Dedo, Wausau

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  1. There must be a full moon tonight as the “Chicken” folks ar out in full force.

    Oh, by the way Ms. Dedo, I live in Wausau and I have seen raccoons, a possum, deer and wild turkeys in my back yard. And lots of my neighbors have also.

    1. Stan, add black bear(s) to that. I’ve had ’em as well as (obviously) my neighbors. Wouldn’t they have some FUN with chickens?!
      I’m not going to even start with commenting on this “letter”. Not even worth my energy. Ms. Dedo is obviously too “progressive” for my wisdom.

  2. I dont doubt those animals have been seen around Wausau backyards, but I find it comical that the thinking seems to be that having chickens in the backyard will bring them out in droves creating a huge disturbance.

    1. Who said anything about “droves”, Greg? Well, other than you. Let’s go over-the-top right away, okay? I’d pretty much guarantee there would be a LOT more raccoon, hawk and possibly even bear activity with chicken coops in the city limits.
      Here’s a novel concept. Ever driven out of Wausau, west on Hwy U, K, east on townline, or taken 6th St. up north outside of the city limits? It’s sad to see how many former family farms are now sitting empty, with the buildings dying a slow, painful death. All of these progressively superior people who want chickens could easily rent a building on a shut down farm and foster Foghorn Leghorn for all I care. But no. We “need” chickens inside city limits, dammit.

      1. I really like how you take one word from a sentence and pick it apart so much so that any reader has a hard time making it through your rant. So now I am going to use your own debate tactic against you in rebuttal.

        Who said anything about “progressively superior” people? Well, other than you. Let’s stereotype everyone right away, okay? Just because a civilian wants to connect back to nature, their culture, their ancestors, self sustainability, etc., does not mean they are superior to anyone in any way. How is that for a novel concept? I’m still waiting to read some of this “wisdom” you claim to have. You are assuming quite a lot about people (that you don’t know) if you believe that pro-chicken coop individuals have never been outside of Wausau(?), seen a farm, and have money lying around, enough so, that they can “easily” spend it renting a building far away from their homes filled with chickens? Here’s another novel concept – economics. There are plenty of farms going under in this country, which is another reason why people want to produce for themselves and not rely on others. If seeing family farms makes you so “sad” maybe you can go live at one to get away from all of the “superior” individuals and the plethora of wildlife we will guaranteed (by yourself) have in Wausau if we allow chicken coops.

        You must have “energy” to comment on this “letter” as you have twice now, and I expect to see a comment back from you due to your need to be heard.


    2. Greg, you can doubt all you want but that doesn’t change the fact that many of us to have a varied assortment of WILDLIFE visit our back yards on a regular basis. Perhaps once you move out of the mobile home park you probably live in, you will see them also.

      1. Hey Stan, its a 1200sq ft house, so yeah. Have fun casting stones from your mansion wildlife sanctuary with all the other yuppie pussies.

  3. “Easily rent a building on a shut down farm”? Sorry, but the money tree in my backyard that was sprouting $100 bills was eaten by all the crazy wildlife I see while living on south 7th ave in Wausau.

    1. So maintaining a herd of chickens is going to be done for pennies? Anyhoo……..So. 7th? My grandma and grandpa’s house (they built) is on So. 7th. 1028 I think, or something like that.

    2. South 7th Ave! Too bad for you buddy.

      If the were going to give Wausau a prostate exam, they would stick their finger in South 7th Ave.

  4. Stan wrote, “Perhaps once you move out of the mobile home park you probably live in, you will see them also.”
    Stan, why are you so disrespectful of others. You should try to be more civil. You know you loose a lot of credibility when you make s**t up.

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