CRANDON – Up to four people could face criminal charges in the Forest County death of six-year-old Amber Perry, the county prosecutor said Thursday.

Forest County District Attorney Chuck Simono said charges of reckless or negligent homicide remain “on the table” for at least one of the suspects, according to Ben Meyer of WJFW.

Perry is the kindergartner who died in March in a Crandon apartment. A report released Wednesday by Forest County Medical Examiner Larry Mathein ruled homicide as the manner of death. Perry was a diabetic, and Mathein said she died because adults in her life didn’t properly care for her, according to Meyer’s report.

Simono did not give a timeline on when potential charges could be filed. He said he needs to review one more portion of information collected through a court order before he could decide who to prosecute, and with what to charge them.

Simono said all potential defendants are within his Forest County jurisdiction, and no one is a flight risk.

But he also noted “no one is cooperating” in the pool of suspects.

Multiple adults had at least some role in Perry’s day-to-day care, according to the final death report.

Thanks to Ben Meyer, managing editor at WJFW-Newswatch 12 for this report. Published by permission.