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One reply on “Scenes from Chalkfest 2017”

  1. I am very amazed of the wonderful talent and art work at this year’s Chalkfest !

    Back in January 2004, I gave the idea of a Chalk Festival for the downtown to then Mayor of Wausau, Linda Lawrence. She then agreed to set up the meeting with the City Manager. Then other meetings which grew into larger ones. Then a proposal to the City Council which approved the monies need to proceed with the costs and process of implementing the Chalk Festival into a reality.

    At the last meeting at City Hall before Mayor Linda Lawrence lost her bid for relection, we were only expecting only 35 artists. Well on the first day of Calk Fest about 90 artists showed up that was exact number of boxes of Calk that were ordered for that year and the next year.

    On the Sunday morning, the second day of the Calk Fest all the City Council members showed up and were amazed at such art work on the sidewalks and the bringing together of the Community. Some City Council members stated that it was so wonderful the City should do this every year.

    I just planted a seed that year and it is so wonderful to see in bloom into a beautiful colorful flower !

    God Bless.


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