SCHOFIELD — At 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 20, the REACH-A-Child™ organization will further their vision to provide a book for every child in crisis by delivering six (6) REACH Bags to the Riverside Fire District.

These bags contain age-appropriate children’s books and drawstrings backpacks. A book is given to each child involved in an emergency by first responders to provide comfort and distraction. The drawstring backpack provides a place for the child to keep the book along with any other belongings.

“We are looking forward to deploying the REACH bags on our initial response vehicles as a fantastic tool for serving our younger victims in times of crisis,” said Rob Bowen, deputy chief at Riverside Fire District. “We are very grateful to REACH-A-Child™ for providing this capability free-of-charge to our department, and we look forward to partnering with the organization further in the future.”

The Riverside Fire District is a volunteer department serving the city of Schofield and the village of Rothschild for fire, EMS, and rescue needs with approximately 30 professionally trained firefighters and EMTs.

The District began operations in January, 2017, with the merger of the Schofield and Rothschild Fire Departments to provide more efficient, cost effective services to both communities.