The hunt for a national title by the Wausau Nationals Little League team came to an end Tuesday, after the team fell to Lexington Eastern of Kentucky by a score of 10-5.

Wausau National and Lexington Eastern passed the lead back-and-forth on Tuesday, but eventually Lexington prevailed. The game was tied at five with Lexington Eastern batting in the top of the sixth when there was an error, scoring one run.

Wausau pitcher Landon Parlier went three innings, allowing five runs, six hits, striking out two, and walking zero. Landon led Wausau in hits, going 3 for 4 at the plate. Home runs for Wausau came when Elijah Gustafson homered in the second inning and Keagen Jirschele homered in the second inning.

The Nationals, a group of 11- and 12-year-old local athletes, won the state Little League Championship in July.



2B: Landon Parlier 2
HR: Elijah Gustafson, Keagen Jirschele
TB: Elijah Gustafson 4, Lucas Hager, Keagen Jirschele 4, Blake Nichols, Turner Olson, Landon Parlier 5
RBI: Elijah Gustafson, Keagen Jirschele 2, Turner Olson
FC: Roger Stroming
PIK: Elijah Gustafson


Team QAB: 13 (43.33%)
Elijah Gustafson 3, Lucas Hager, Keagen Jirschele, Blake Nichols 3, Landon Parlier 3, Brandt Rice 2

Team LOB: 7


E: Jacob Pease, Brandt Rice, Roger Stroming
DP: Keagen Jirschele

Pitching L: Landon Parlier
HBP: Blake Nichols 2, Landon Parlier 2
WP: Blake Nichols 2, Landon Parlier
Pitches-Strikes: Blake Nichols 66-37, Landon Parlier 51-32
Groundouts-Flyouts: Blake Nichols 2-2, Landon Parlier 2-5
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Blake Nichols 7-17, Landon Parlier 12-18

Photo courtesy of Stacy Olson