WAUSAU — Two people are facing a range of felony drug charges after they were arrested at a Wausau hotel with a significant amount of heroin, police said Thursday.

Natasha Eldridge, 34, and James Jones, 30, were arrested Wednesday after witnesses reported seeing an unusual number of people coming and going from the room and noticed a back door of the hotel had repeatedly been wedged open, police said.

Police searched their room and found about 10 grams of heroin, or enough for about 200 doses, according to the criminal complaint. Investigators also recovered about 1.72 grams of methamphetamine in the room.

Both Eldgridge and Jones are facing felony charges of possession of heroin with intent to deliver, possession of methamphetamine and maintaining a drug trafficking place. The charges carry a combined maximum penalty of 32 years in prison and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

Eldridge is being held in the Marathon County Jail on a $10,000 cash bond, the first $3,000 of which must be paid in cash. Jones is being held on a $10,000 bond, the first $5,000 of which must be posted in cash, according to court records

Both are due in court Aug. 16 for a preliminary hearing.

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  1. I wonder how many more years we’ll have to read stories about these piles of human garbage before the tides turn ?? So disgustingly enraging.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t see it getting better any time soon. All in the name of “progress”, don’cha know!
      What I want to know is WHAT HOTEL these two oxygen thieves were running their little drug empire out of?

      1. We normally choose not to identify the hotel, because they typically cooperate fully with law enforcement and can be considered victims as well.

  2. got snow…….thanks. Yup, that would be my guess as well….right next to McDonald’s.
    Shereen, I understand what you’re saying, but I also think it’s valid to release the name/address of the location where the crime was committed in order to let people know what’s going on in their neighborhood. When someone’s shot at a business, you wouldn’t name that business because they can be considered victims as well? Respectfully, that just doesn’t fly….and the name/location of those businesses are regularly (and rightfully) released to the public.

    1. The police have asked us specifically not to name the hotels in these cases, in part because they rely on hotel staff to cooperate in drug and prostitution arrests. Shootings are treated differently. I understand your point, but this is our policy based on what law enforcement requests of us, and we respect that request. The hotel is, of course, a matter of public record and easy to find. Other media outlets handle things differently. Thanks for your input!

      1. Thanks Shereen! Totally understand if police specifically ask not to name the locations. However, as “got snow” showed…….it’s not all that difficult to find out. 😉

    1. Ashley, we have been repeatedly asked by law enforcement not to publicly identify the hotel because the hotels choose to work with police in fighting these types of crimes. Identifying the hotel (as other media outlets regularly do) gives the hotel less incentive to cooperate, because they are forced to deal with negative publicity, when they are actually being victimized, too. That’s why we choose not to identify the hotel, even though we obviously know which hotel is involved in these kinds of arrests.

  3. These are people, humans, & man is not perfect. They are NOT garbage. They deserve to breath oxygen just like everyone else. I’m sure all of u have skeletons in ur closet, or have made poor choices in ur past.
    But its always easy to point ur finger and say “thats the bad people over there! Them right there, those are the bad people”
    Some of you people in Wausau are so closed minded & naive.
    Just bcus your struggles didn’t get blasted all over the news doesn’t give u the right to judge.
    You guys & the media crucify these people, when u dont even know them or their stories. All u know is what u see on the news.

    1. Ashley, and now you see why anyone with any sense left Wausau long ago… Unfortunately that creates a vacuum of ignorance and hate, leading to even more of what you see above.

      I bet you $100 they also call themselves “christians”…

      1. I was going to unload on you, but then I realized……you’re nothing more than a pathetic little troll.

    2. Oh good God……here we go again.
      Umm…..Ashley, the last time I checked, peddling heroin AND meth out of a freaking hotel room is just a little more than jaywalking. Guess what else? I (and anyone else) can “judge” as much as we want. Especially when a FELONY is committed. Naive? LOL. Look in the mirror.
      Oh, before I forget…. It’s “your”, “you are” and “because”. You’re welcome.

  4. Mr. Call 911,
    First of all… I chose to use texting/typing language when it came to the words “bcus (instead of because)” and “ur (instead of your OR you’re)” to help keep it short & quick. I am educated enough to correctly write & spell, thank you very much.

    I see you take every opportunity to bully another person. I guess I better stay up to par on my grammar, I wouldn’t want u to hit me where it hurts!
    This is a news article WHERE we can WRITE OUR comments. WE’RE not writing resumes for the president.

    But I’m not gonna continue to argue with you buddy. Dont know you, dont care. I just dont stand for bully’s, WHETHER it regard’s a drug addict, a overweight person, a gay person, etc.

    The fact that you rely on name calling (pathetic lil troll) to express yourself, shows alot about your character. I truly feel sorry for you. It’s got to be miserable & tiring living life so angry. Feeling the need to “unload” on random people in blogs.

    If you seriously are having issues with unloading, try taking a laxative instead. I have a feeling it would be very beneficial for you. ?

    1. I’M a “bully”???? OMFG……No sweetheart, the two losers in the photos above are about to be (if they aren’t already) convicted FELONS. Here’s a newsflash for you: Most sane, normal and productive people consider people selling drugs out of a effin’ hotel room as garbage indeed. Perhaps they were having a difficult time getting their resume’s read at legitimate places of business? Oh wait, I know………they were forced to sell drugs out of that hotel room! No, ummm……they were just trying to support their families….. Blah freaking blah….
      WHO said anything about overweight or gay people? Not me sweetheart…..you. Don’t try to paint me with the same stupid brush you’ve taken a bath in. One place I certainly do agree with you: This is a place where we can write our comments. Not sure what writing a resume to the POTUS has to do with this, but whatever floats your boat.
      Continue to cry a river over these “injustices” and enjoy visiting your friends in the Crowbar Hilton because that’s the next hotel they’ll be staying in.
      I’m done with you. xo

  5. Call 1911, you might as give it up with Ms. Roberts as she lives in her own little world where drug dealers are the good guys and the rest of us are the problem. She reminds me of a sign I saw once at a restaurant that said, ” Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

  6. It’s unfortunate that some commentators, at least 2 who comment here on a regular basis, routinely rely on uncivil ad hominem attacks that would be disqualified by a moderator in a junior high school debate. Moderating comments is a real pain on the web. but I would urge the editors of the Wausau Pilot and Review to consider either eliminating all comments, which would be unfortunate because comments are sometimes insightful, or removing comments that are based on attacks on other commentators aka uncivil comments. Uncivil comments from a few deter, I suspect, many other readers from commenting.

    1. We are considering eliminating comments. Many other outlets have done the same thing.

    2. You’re obviously referring to me, so I’ll attempt to explain where I’m coming from. It’s quite simple. I truly fail to see how two people arrested for dealing heroin and possessing (if not dealing as well) meth can equate to model citizens. They’re ADULTS and adults make choices, just like you, me and everyone else. When you get arrested for those choices, expect consequences. Uncivil and ad hominem attacks? How exactly? Just in this thread, I’ve been called close minded, naive, ignorant, hateful and a bully. Yet I’M (and I assume you’re also referring to Stan) the bad guy here? Bad for pointing out how pathetic it is to be selling drugs to possibly minors out of a hotel room?? Bad for saying I’m glad they’re in jail where they belong? Bad for hoping their types get the hell out of Wausau? So what if they’re on a “waiting list” for a new rehab facility here? That makes it acceptable/okay for having enough heroin for TWO HUNDRED doses? Yeah, that’s all just for personal use, right?
      Fine. Close comments here. Kick me out. I TRULY don’t care. I refuse to stand by (whether in person or online) and have pathetic excuses made for ANYONE arrested for committing a felony drug offense in our community. Criminals who were dealing drugs probably just over one mile from John Muir Middle School. If you can’t handle the truth or factual evidence and deem those things “uncivil” CityKid, that’s your problem.

      1. call1911 wrote, “Uncivil and ad hominem attacks? How exactly? Just in this thread, I’ve been called close minded, naive, ignorant, hateful and a bully. ”
        So now you are a victim? Considering the insults and vitriolic comments you routinely hurl at others here, I’m flabbergasted at your self righteous indignation and your comments by which you attempt to rationalize your behavior. I could call you names, some folks do that, but there is no need for that because I think most readers think logically and will take your comments for what they are.

  7. Shereen, it’s your baby so you can do anything you want to it’s structure. But I feel eliminating the comments would be a mistake and would diminish your effort in the eyes of many of its readers.

    The problem is that the world is now populated with too many “Snowflakes” who wither when they are confronted with frank discourse. They are so used to looking for microaggressions under everyone’s bed they lose their perspective as to the real world. Instead of defending their position against an opposing position they seek to eliminate the opposing position.

    It a sad commentary on today’s world.

  8. I wrote my original comment bcus I don’t feel it’s right to call these people (or any people) garbage, or oxygen thieves.

    They were allegedly caught in a hotel room with drugs and syringes. There is NO proof that they are DEALERS.
    ADDICTION, is what they are guilty of.

    Are they on the right track? NO.
    Do they need help, & need to change their lives? YES.

    Both of them were on the waiting list for the new rehab treatment facility in Wausau. Its very limited on beds, it only has 12 or 16 beds in total. Half for men, half for women.

    All I’m saying, these are still people, these are someone’s children.
    Even tho, they committed a crime by having drugs in their hotel room.

  9. Everyone is someone’s child, so does that shield them from being held up to the light? One of them has since confessed to being the part of a murder in Madison. So does that change the landscape?

    I think that it is laughable that Ms. Roberts mentions that these two individuals were on a waiting list for drug treatment, but were caught with assorted items related to drug use. So what were they doing, partying until their treatment started. If that is their mindset, I fear that the treatment has little chance of success.

    The use of drugs is an individual decision, made by the individual. The decision to rob a business or participate in the murder of another human being is also an individual decision. We are judged by the decisions we make. No one is immune to that.

  10. My mistake I have evidently confused my felons. Understandable as we seem to have so many in th area. The two angles arrested we not the ones arrested for the two recent robberies. My apologies for the confusion. However, we could do with a lot less of this type of indivuduals in our area.

  11. “CityKid”…no, I’m not a victim and never claimed so. That seems to be your mantra. I’m just stating facts. Glad you’re flabbergasted, although that’s certainly not a challenge. I certainly hope readers to take my comments for what they are. Never claimed to have an agenda or hide anything. Thanks for playing.

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