By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — Members of the city’s plan commission on Tuesday were split evenly over whether to allow a zoning change that paves the way for a $30 million residential development on Wausau’s far west side.

A number of residents in what is called the Morgan Creek neighborhood are strongly opposed to the plan and have circulated a petition asking the city to reject any redevelopment in the area. A number of homeowners in the neighborhood say they were assured when they bought their property that the surrounding area would remain undeveloped.

The proposal, by S.C. Swiderski, LLC, calls for developing 45 single family lots, 10 duplexes, 12 four-unit buildings and 12 buildings containing 16 units each. The now-vacant land encompasses about 80 acres in the city of Wausau near the town of Stettin.

With the plan commission split, the rezoning request now heads to the full council for discussion and potential approval on Sept. 12.

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A rezoning request that would allow a $30 million residential redevelopment on the city’s far west side will be discussed Sept. 12 by the Wausau City Council.