By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — A Texas Christian organization is spreading its message in central Wisconsin, with the help of a unique baptism truck.

Kyle Martin said his team of about 50 people on Sunday will wrap up a tour through Marathon and Lincoln Counties. Martin, who founded the Time to Revive ministry about 10 years ago, said the group came to Wisconsin at the request of the Bethany Baptist church in Weston and is being hosted by 22 area congregations.

“We’re here to teach the churches how to love their community and to unify the churches,” Martin said.

Martin and his team spent the past week talking to central Wisconsin residents about their faith.

“Then, if they’re open to it, we ask them if they’d like to be baptized,” Martin said.

So far, a handful of adults and children in Wisconsin have climbed into Martin’s baptismal tub, which sits in a see-through box truck. Two children were baptized in a driveway next to Roc’s Place on Third Avenue, and a woman was baptized in the Trig’s parking lot in Wausau.

“It’s been pretty fun to watch,” Martin said. “Our goal is to bring the church to the people.”

Martin said the group will take a week-long break late Sunday after working seven straight 14-hour days. During the break, Martin said local pastors will be praying for an hour each day asking for direction on where the group should head next.

“Next Sunday, we’ll decide,” Martin said. “We’ve had a great time getting to know the people in these communities.”