WAUSAU — A proposal to allow a cell phone provider to place a tower at a southeast side school was voted down Monday, after neighborhood parents voiced opposition to the plan.

The proposal would have allowed T-Mobile to erect a tower on the smokestack at John Marshall Elementary School, 1918 Lamont St., in Wausau, and lease the tower space for 30 years. The idea was first floated at the Wausau School Board’s Oct. 9 meeting.

But area residents and parents were strongly opposed to the tower, and on Monday, members of the Wausau School Board voted unanimously against the plan during a special meeting. Some residents expressed concerns that the radio frequency fields from the tower could have an adverse affect on health.

In exchange for constructing the antenna on John Marshall Elementary School in Wausau, the cell phone carrier would have paid the school district about $1,500 each month.

Photo: Google