Lawmakers announced this week that Republican-led committees will investigate the FBI’s handling of last year’s Clinton email probe in addition to a uranium deal struck during her tenure at the State Department.

U.S. Reps. Devin Nunes of California, chairman of the Intelligence Committee and Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, chairman of the Oversight Committee, said yesterday they will team up to scrutinize a seven-year-old sale of uranium production facilities to a Kremlin-linked firm. The sale was approved by the Obama administration, including the Clinton-led State Department, according to Politico.

At the same time, Politico reports, the FBI  is alleged to have been investigating a bribery plot by Russian officials seeking a foothold in the American energy landscape.

“Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow!” Trump tweeted Thursday. The Senate Judiciary Committee has already launched its own investigation.

One party to the uranium deal was a donor to the Clinton Foundation and the Democratic Party, according to multiple reports. Many of those donations came before Clinton was selected as Obama’s secretary of state.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), a member of the Intelligence Committee, will be the panel’s point man on the probe. He said he a sent a letter of concern in 2010 about the uranium deal but had no knowledge there may have been an ongoing FBI investigation at the time.

A second investigation will look at the FBI’s decision-making in its investigation of Clinton’s handling of classified information and her use of a private email server to do government work. Republicans have accused former FBI Director James Comey of letting Clinton off too easy when he announced months before the 2016 election that he would recommend she not face charges, even though he said she mishandled classified information.

“Our justice system is represented by a blindfolded woman holding a set of scales. Those scales do not tip to the right or the left; they do not recognize wealth, power or social status,” Goodlatte and Gowdy, the two leaders of that probe, said in a statement released by Politico. “No entity or individual is exempt from oversight.”