MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The state Legislature has approved a proposal to eliminate continuing education requirements for cosmetologists and barbers in Wisconsin.

The bill sent to Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday would also make it easier for people licensed in other states to work in Wisconsin.

The Assembly passed the measure on a voice vote.

It would do away with the continuing education requirement for cosmetologists, barbers and manicurists. The measure would also remove a current requirement that an applicant for a license in Wisconsin have 4,000 hours of experience. Instead, they would have to only take a one-hour course educating them on Wisconsin laws and rules.

Opponents say the regulations being targeted are needed to ensure barbers and cosmetologists are properly qualified to work in the state.

One reply on “Wisconsin approves scaling back beauty salon regulations”

  1. Sure……who needs the State Beauty College in Wausau, anyhow? All it provides is jobs to the faculty, and training to those who want to learn the professionalism of cosmetologists, barbers and manicurists.

    And any “Joe Blow” can hang out a shingle, after taking a one hour course?? What happens to inspections of facilities by the Health Department? What about licensing? how can requirements for licensing and inspections be enforced if anyone can open a barbership at any location at any time??

    Another poorly thought out, dismally executed move by the State legislature.

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