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County board approves pay raises; doubles salary for board chair

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WAUSAU — Annual salaries for members of the Marathon County Board of Supervisors will go up next year, with the steepest increase granted to the next board chair.

The measure, which passed Tuesday by a 27-6 margin, more than doubles the salary for the board chair and gives smaller increases to other board members. Starting April 17, 2018, the board chair’s annual salary will increase from $14,919 to $30,000. Current chair Kurt Gibbs was among the 27 members who voted in favor of the raise, which will not take effect until after the next election.

Supervisors Katie Rosenberg, Sherry Abitz, Matt Bootz, Jeff Zriny, Jim Schaefer and Allen Opall voted against the resolution.

Joel Lewis was listed as absent and not excused from Tuesday’s meeting, though Lewis tells Wausau Pilot and Review that his absence was due to a work meeting he had alerted Gibbs to more than a week ago. Lewis said he has reached out to officials to have the unexcused absence corrected.

Four additional supervisors were noted as absent, but excused: Kurt Kluck, Randy Fifrick, Chris Voll, and Tim Buttke, according to the Marathon County Clerk’s office. All other supervisors voted in favor of the pay raise, which was recommended by the county’s human resources, finance and property committee.

The resolution also includes two annual increases to salaries for board members, who currently earn $5,383 pear year. Under the terms of the plan, those salaries will increase by $106 per year on April 17 and increase again on Jan. 1, 2019 by $108 per year.

A new board will be elected April 3.

The voting roll, along with a copy of the full resolution, is embedded below.


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