By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

SCHOFIELD, Wis. – The former owner of Grand Daddy’s Gentleman’s Club is seeking to open up a new nightclub at the site of a former comedy club.

Koo Coo’s Comedy Nest at the Old Western Village, 320 Ross Ave., Schofield, closed unexpectedly earlier this month, after three years in operation. Announcements made at the club’s location and on Facebook show that a new sports bar-themed nightclub named Twisted is expecting to open up this month on the same site.

The site has been host to a number of former night clubs in recent years including Bruisers, The Luau and The Dirty Donkey.

Posts on Twisted’s Facebook page state that the bar is looking to hire bartenders, security guards and VIP shot servers. They also plan to reopen the dance club side of the business, which was a popular night spot in the late 80s and early 90s.

The club plans to open sometime over the winter, but a specific date was not listed.

City records show that the building’s owner, Ed Kraimer, has filed for possession of the liquor license formerly held by Koo Coo’s. Kraimer is also the former owner of Grand Daddy’s Gentleman’s Club in Schofield, and has managed and owned a number of nightclubs and bars in the past.

Kraimer and Grand Daddy’s made headlines several years ago after they were successfully sued by a number of former dancers in a dispute over back pay and other employment grievances.

Schofield Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Pam Brehm said the city is now going through the standard process of vetting on the liquor license application.

“That’s all in conformance with statutes, we have to do background checks and do the publishing,” Brehm said.

Officials at Everest Metro Police department have not yet seen that license application. Police Chief Wally Sparks says he’ll be ready to go over it when it hits his desk, but is hoping for some good planning on the part of Kraimer.

“I certainly hope it’s not going to be run like Bruisers, when we had a lot of issues and problems there,” Sparks said. “I’m hoping it generates a lot less police activity.”

The vote to grant the license will come at Schofield’s next City Council meeting on Dec. 12.

Calls for comment from Kraimer and management at Twisted were not returned.