WAUSAU — Five days into the local election season, several new candidates have emerged in the Wausau City Council race.

As of Tuesday, Dec. 5, four races will be contested when voters head to the polls, according to City Clerk Toni Rayala.

In District 2, incumbent Romey Wagner and challenger Michael Martens have filed candidacy papers. District 5 also has two candidates: incumbent Gary Gisselman and Jim Wadinski. This is the second time Wadinski, a retired Wausau Police officer, is seeking the spot.

In Dist. 10, current council member Sherry Abitz filed non-candidacy papers, but three potential challengers have emerged. Mary Thao and Vichai Gillette have both filed candidacy papers, while a third potential candidate, Donna Krause, picked up an election packet.

Dist. 11’s incumbent, Dennis Smith, has filed his candidacy papers, along with challenger Patrick Bacher.

Other sitting council members who have filed candidacy papers but so far have no challengers are:

  • Patrick Peckham in Dist. 1
  • David Nutting in Dist. 3
  • Tom Neal in Dist. 4
  • Karen Kellbach in Dist. 8

Becky McElhaney (Dist. 6), Joe Gehin (Dist. 9) and Lisa Rasmussen (Dist. 7) have not yet filed papers indicating whether they will run again.

Official declarations of candidacy are due by Jan. 2, 2018, and the spring primary is Feb. 20. The general election is April 3.