By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — This year five candidates will vie for three seats in April on the nine-person Wausau School District Board of Education.

The list includes three incumbents: Beth Martin, Patrick McKee and Kathi Whalen Geiger. Two newcomers have also emerged: Amy Reif and Tricia Zunker, according to school officials.

Name placement on the ballot will be determined when school officials draw lots, which will happen at 10 a.m. on Jan. 8, said Deputy Clerk Cassie Peck. A primary would have only been necessary had there been two candidates for each open spot.

The three candidates elected will serve three-year terms, beginning April 23.

The spring election will be held on Tuesday, April 3.

7 replies on “Local elections: 5 candidates to vie for 3 Wausau School Board seats”

  1. Does anyone else wish we could know more about school board candidates? What are their political leanings/beliefs? Who is fiscally and socially conservative, or liberal for that matter? I’ve honestly never understood why city officials and school board members are “free” of disclosing such information, yet they’re elected like any other politician and given the taxpayer purse strings. With some of them (especially the school board members), it’s easy to figure out, but that’s only a few.
    Shereen, would it be possible to divulge any kind of information like that?

    1. We can ask them anything, really. When the election gets closer, I’ll be sending out Q&A’s to all the candidates. I’m hopeful to be part of another school board debate – Oliver Burrows and I moderated one last year, and if that happens I’ll also be asking readers to submit questions and gather input that way. Last year we also involved students, which I thought was an excellent idea as well.

      1. I’m trying to find a Q &A, so that I can vote this week. Were you able to compile anything?

      2. Hi Jennifer: We anticipate publishing our Q&A tomorrow for school board. We’re working on all the races now. Thanks for your patience!

    2. Call 1911 had an opportunity excellent point. All candidates for public should be required to reveal their political affiliations to the voters. We have very right to know if we are gettin a conservative or a liberal when we vote.

    3. I agree with call1911 and Stan. I had to do quite a bit of checking to get any any information on their political leanings. With the political parties at opposite poles of moral discernment, one wants to know the direction our elected representatives are going to take our city government, neighborhoods and schools.

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