By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

WESTON, Wis – Central Wisconsin’s very own gaming convention is here once again as Evercon opens its doors this weekend.

The three day convention has over 225 events on offer over the weekend, and that ranges from chess to boardgames to video gaming to traditional tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons and other systems. Director Brett Bloczynski says there’s also groups coming in to put on combat demonstrations and live action role playing.

This is the 18th year of the convention, and its second at the Central Wisconsin Convention and Expo Center. Bloczynski says it’s been a major change for the convention and one that’s helped it grow. “It finally got to the point where the DC Everest Gaming Club couldn’t run it anymore, it outgrew them.”

The Gaming Club still has a major presence at the event, from volunteering at booths and coordinating events, to the large open gaming area where their massive collection of board games is available for anyone to play. Bloczynski himself was an adult volunteer for the club at the school, but made the transition to running the new convention in 2016.

One major feature of the event is its family friendly nature, says Bloczynski. “I’ve got five kids, my two little ones are going to be here and they’re going to game. We’ve got families and old friends that meet up at this convention to play board games because they don’t live here anymore.”

“If you want to get in and out of the cold, get together and have a good time, try things you haven’t tried before, this is the place to be,” says Bloczynski.

Evercon runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 5-7. Tickets at the door are $40 for the whole weekend, or $15-$25 dollars per day. You can find out more online at