WAUSAU – Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) is moving to enhance its presence in the Wausau metro area by expanding its surgical capabilities at Marshfield Clinic Wausau Center, 2727 Plaza Drive.

Construction is now underway to add more than 26,000 square feet that will house three operating rooms and one bronchoscopy room, used for procedures examining a patient’s airway through a bronchoscope. The expansion also includes 5,700 square feet of space for radiation oncology, a move that will offer patients more access to MCHS’s high quality oncology services.

Additionally, the existing Wausau Center comfort and recovery suites will be converted to inpatient rooms for surgical patients requiring hospital level care, a move allowing access to patients whose insurance requires procedures to be performed in an in-patient setting.

“Our growth in Wausau embodies our commitment to expanding our world-class integrated health care system,” said Dr. Susan Turney, MCHS CEO. “Providing our patients the opportunity to have surgical procedures performed in a Marshfield Clinic facility aligns with our goal to simplify the path to quality health care, delivered where, when and how our patients want it.”

The anticipated project completion date is the end of 2018.