By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

ROTHSCHILD, Wis. – Officials from Rothschild and the Central Wisconsin Convention and Visitors Bureau appear to have reached an agreement over room tax funding.

Rothschild’s tourism commission has approved a contract with the CVB to continue offering the tourism group room tax funding. The two groups had been in negotiations for several months over just how much room tax would be sent to the CVB each year, leading to some heated letters being exchanged in November of 2017.

The village has agreed to send $150,000 to the CVB for 2018 as part of that contract. Rothschild village administrator Gary Olsen says a number of the concerns of the village will be addressed in the new contract.

“There will be more administrative support, they will continue to promote Rothschild tourism, they will report back on a quarterly basis to our tourism commission, and they will provide an annual audits to us, and fill out the needed forms for the Department of Revenue,” Olsen said.

Those specific terms had been part of the conflict with the CVB, as village officials from both Rothschild and Weston expressed concerns over just how their money was being spent by the CVB. They also had cited a lack of transparency with the CVB staff and board for their reluctance in signing a contract for most of 2017.

CVB director Richard Barrett says he’s happy to see the dispute come to an end.

“Everything’s been negotiated and done with, and we’re all happy with it, hopefully,” Barrett said.