By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

MOSINEE, Wis. – Mosinee’s fire chief and deputy fire chief have both resigned their posts following meetings this week.

The Mosinee Fire District put Chief Doug Jennings on paid administrative leave on Wednesday following a closed session meeting, according to city attorney Shane Vanderwaal. The following day, both Jennings and deputy fire chief Emily Dobeck turned in their resignation letters.

Vanderwaal says the district’s reasons for suspending Jennings cannot be discussed, because that meeting was in closed session. Jennings has also resigned from a position at the SAFER fire district with Weston and Rib Mountain.

In his resignation letter, Jennings states that he’s thankful for his time with the district.

“We made a lot of progress and made countless changes for the better of the district. I have no doubt that someone will step in and carry the district further,” the letter read.

Jenning’s letter stated that is resignation is effective immediately.

In her letter, Dobeck says she’s willing to stick around for 2 and a half weeks to help train a replacement.

“Although I write this with great sadness, I feel that this is the best decision for myself as I move past the obstacles that I have had to endure over the last few years,” Dobeck wrote.

She says she’ll be moving to a new position, “that has been made possible through the training I have gained at MFD.”

Mosinee fire captain Steve Haas has been placed in charge of the district until a replacement for Jennings can be found.