By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

WAUSAU, Wis. – The parent company of Younkers will be closing their store in the Wausau Center Mall.

The closure was announced as part of a large scale cutback of 42 locations across the United States and nine here in Wisconsin. That closure will leave the Wausau Center Mall without any anchors, after Sears and J.C. Penney both closed their locations at the mall over the past several years.

In a press release, Bon-Ton president Bill Tracy called it part of a ‘comprehensive turnaround plan’. Including other recently announced store closures, we expect to close a total of 47 stores in early 2018.” The store closures will be starting tomorrow, and will run for 10 to 12 weeks.

Other closures in Wisconsin include locations in Appleton, Fond Du Lac, Manitowoc and Milwaukee.

Company officials say employees at the store will be encouraged to apply at other locations, but declined further comment on the closures.

2 replies on “Wausau Center Younkers to close”

  1. It’s not good news, but no one can say they did not see it coming. I wonder how long it will be before work stops on the riverfront project due to lack of funds, and everyone says the same thing.

  2. Like nobody saw this coming…….100 miles away. Gosh, I wonder what “brilliant plan” our illustrious mayor and finance savant will have now. The BEST thing to happen to that entire mall would be for it to be leveled, but with the incredibly tangled web of just who owns the property (does one single company own the entire mall, or is it divvied up peace meal?), it’ll most likely sit empty….like 70+% of the square footage already is and slowly crumble to the ground. But hey, we’ll have a super duper, colossal Riverfront and as a city, go MORE in to debt!!! SMH….

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