By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

SCHOFIELD, Wis. – A proposed new nightclub in Schofield will be getting its liquor license after all, as a second application has been approved by the city council.

Members of the Schofield City Council approved that application for the Twisted Sports Bar at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

Twisted is set to open on the former site of Bruisers, Koo Coo’s Comedy Club and a number of other night clubs in the Old Western Village on Ross Avenue. That license was being sought by Ed Kraimer, who owns the property.

Kraimer had originally been denied that license back in December.

Under the previous application, Kraimer had stated he was the agent of AC/DC Inc., which would be operating the bar. Village attorney Shane Vanderwaal told the council at December’s meeting there was a misrepresentation of who is actually in charge of that company. The council decided against issuing the license on account of false information being presented on the application.

City alderman Dennis Richmond says the council made sure that Kraimer’s application was correct this time around. “He made sure to dot his I’s and cross his T’s.”

Schofield mayor Kregg Hoehn says both the city and the Everest Metro Police department will be keeping a close eye on the conduct at the club, and that the trouble that plagued previous incarnations of night clubs in the Old Western Village would not be tolerated this time around.