Dear Editor:

Bill Miller is the ONLY qualified candidate for District #36 Marathon County Board of Supervisors.

I was on the county board with Mr. Miller for ten years. He is a committed hard-working supervisor who vigilantly looks out for the taxpayers of Marathon County. Bill has impeccable credentials for the job. He was on many committees and chair of finance/human resources committee. His knowledge of the budget process and financial reports from expertise as manager for a large CPA firm in Wausau, was valuable to the board.

He also serves as township and sanitary district supervisor. Mr. Miller has the qualifications to understand the complex budgeting issues facing the county.

During my term he taught many of us intricacies of the budget process at North Central Health Care (NCHC) and Marathon County.

MILLER is the ONLY candidate to vote for in District #36 on February 20.

Joanne Leonard, Wausau

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