Hello Wausau,

I am Doug Diny, and I am a candidate for the Wausau City Council.  After graduating from St. Norbert College, I served in the U.S. Army, attaining the rank of Major, before settling in Wausau for a career in process control and automation. You can read about my background at www.dougdiny.com/

Without mincing words, I am running because I believe that our District 4 Alderman, Tom Neal, is uniquely responsible for placing Wausau on the wrong track. I contacted him directly and was dismissed out of hand, if he can’t respond in his own words, here’s my take:

  • Neal was one of three persons who represented the city in our disastrous negotiations with the Village of Maine and a proponent of the subsequent lawsuit that cost Wausau $250,000+.
  • As Chairman of the Economic Development Committee (EDC Chair), Neal supported sweetheart deals that unnecessarily enriched companies like Quantum Ventures and Wausau Chemical.
  • Neal supports using economic development funds to forge ahead on Thomas Street reconstruction, ignoring the potential health risks and environmental mitigation costs.
  • Once Neal took EDC Chair in April 2016, the mall got put on the back burner, diverted $4.1 million mall restructuring money and we lost two more anchors while his committee offered no direction.
  • Neal has supported the largest increase in debt in the city’s history. Under the last eight years of Mayor Tipple, debt stayed around $52 million per year. By the end of this year debt is forecast to surpass $90 million.

In sum, we cannot afford to keep getting out-negotiated, borrowing more money and spending it foolishly.  We need change on April 3rd.  See more details at www.dougdiny.com/


Doug Diny, Wausau

Candidate for Wausau City Council, Aldermanic District 4

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12 replies on “Letter to the Editor: Wausau candidate Doug Diny speaks out”

  1. Just kicking the tire and lighting the fire. Counting incumbents, there are 14 people in the race trying to fill 7 seats. Traditional media isn’t going to carry any water for us on real issues, so it is up to candidates to find outlets of respectful conversation. WP&R is a start, and “CW Discussions: Uncensored” on Facebook is another avenue to keep it going.

  2. Seriously Doug?
    “CW Discussions; Uncensored”. ??

    That site is toxic.
    I have witnessed many attempt reasonable discussion there only to be ridiculed and driven away.

    Any good discussion needs a facilitator, a moderator. There is none there.

    If the armchair venom spitters there happen to agree with you then … your golden.
    Perhaps that is the case with you.

    1. I’d welcome an alternate site, David? This works too. Pat Peckham mixes it up there. It was one suggestion.

      1. I will just leave you with this … stay away from that site.
        You will not be receiving a bill for this advice.
        Good luck with your campaign.

      2. And with that from “Stan” … I rest my case.
        And “Stan” doesn’t even have the courage to use his real name.

    2. Since I’m not a FB slave, I can’t comment on the CW Discussions group, but I can confidently say that ‘armchair venom spitters” are blatantly in the open, right in the “mainstream media” these days. It most definitely goes both ways, Dave. I’d label CNN, MSNBC and their ilk as toxic, which you probably wouldn’t. That’s fine. Again, just saying it’s usually a matter of opinion and that nasty thing called reality.

      1. call1911, I’m in one moderated discussion group on FB: Northeast Wisconsin Debate Group that’s mostly about Green Bay, my hometown. The moderator only steps in when a person gets vulgar, threatening or completely off subject. So even a moderated group can be shark infested.

        Katie Rosenberg was on WXCO radio this morning and when asked about social media as it relates to keeping our kids safe in schools, she replied that she’s learned to focus on the positive and understands that nasty commentary comes with her job and can’t let it distract from our purpose. (I’m grossly paraphrasing). Point being on air, is that not every kid is equipped emotionally to filter the negativity and not take it personal. As we’ve seen here, many adults and politicians grapple with the same issue.

    3. David B. Keefe – if you do not agree with a site, that’s fine. However, there is no need to bash what has become a truly honest and open outlet of discussion. You may not agree with a particular individual or website, but I’ve always respected individuals and websites who remain true to their convictions – I recommend trying it sometime. Also, you mention…”your golden” ….I offer you this suggestion….”you’re” . When one’s spelling and grammar are correct, they tend to be taken more seriously. YOU will not be receiving a bill for this advice.

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