Congratulations to the following students from Newman Catholic Middle School who made the second quarter BUG roll in the Bring Up a Grade Program. Students set a specific academic goal to raise the grade in one subject of their choice without allowing grades for other subjects to drop.

6th Grade:  Quin Babiarz, Kailyn Brandt, Julia DeByle, Andy Glennon, Paige Guld, Claire Haupt,  Ashley Jankowski, Alexis Kloth, Matthew Meyer, Isaac Rozwadowski, Adam Sikora, Ava Sukanen, Hailey Tlusty, Holly Vang, Nate Welter, Evan Zubke

7th Grade: Thomas Bates, Natalie Brenner, Grace Carlson, Maria Christophersen, Zach DeByle, Callan Groth, Gabriella Hackett, Conner Krach, Sage McKeough, Norah Polkinghorne, Mason Prey, Paige Reeves, Karianna Severson, Ava Sobolewski, Nick Thao, Natalie Townsend, Maggie Wulf

8th Grade: Elizabeth Clancy, Faith Fehrman, Johanna Hougum, Rebecca Larrain, Ashley Lo, Zongcha Lo, Laj Ntxiag Lor, Jacob Pfiffner, Madelyn Seidl, Lily Zeimetz