A question was posed to me in the feedback section of a prior letter to the Editor for Wausau Pilot and Review.

I would like to address that question.

Parents are a child’s first teachers.

We often notice that history does repeat itself. That repetition sounds like the definition of insanity.
Collectively many authors of our past have left inspiration for us and the future generations.

The question was, “What is dignity?”

I have two resources I encourage others to know about and read. (See forwarded pictures)

I also share, one of my favorite quotes-

Pericles knew that any successful society must be an educational institution. However great its commitment to individual freedom and diversity, it needs a code of civic virtue and a general devotion to the common enterprises without which it cannot flourish or survive. It must transmit its understanding of good and bad and a sense of pride, admiration, and love for its institutions and values to its citizens, especially the young.

Donald Kagan, Pericles of Athens and the Birth of Democracy

People need to remember that our nation is a Republic. There are many systems working side by side already. Why Socialism is a scary word I would like to hear more about. If it were not for Social Theory, we would not have Law Enforcement. Socialism means community owned. Socialism, is not government-owned, but rather community-owned means of production, including both government and private forms of communal ownership of productive assets. In the United States we find this in public railways such as Amtrak, as well as the Farm Credit System, which is a system of cooperative banks, owned by farmer-borrowers. It makes up 40% of all US agricultural lending activity at the present time.

It is important to note that welfare systems, such as food stamps, medicaid, etc., and other entitlement programs is not all socialism. Keep in mind, a capitalist government is a system where means of redistributing income to preserve the otherwise shaky capitalist system. Redistribution of income seems to stall eventual uprising of impoverished workers. At least that is what history seems to be telling us.

So once again about DIGNITY. Dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect. Virtue in action.
Dignity is about integrity and unbending principle. Realistically, dignity will need to bend at times, I get that.

Once again yes, its more then dignity; a society must “transmit its understanding of good and bad and a sense of pride, admiration, and love for its institutions and values to its citizens, especially the young.”

Ethel C. Quisler, Wausau

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