By Dan Newman

Sometimes, when the world gets you down or whatever, you just need a quick cup of coffee to get your mind right. Times like these, you need it fast, and the gas station is a popular spot to pick up a cup on the go.

But which place has the best one? Which place … doesn’t? I mean, it’s only a buck fifty, but a bunk cup can make a hairy situation all the worse. Best to avoid that if at all possible.

My video aims to answer just that question. It’s a head to head battle for the best cup between five gas station chains in our area. Most of us drink coffee from these establishments, so it would be nice to see who has the best stuff on tap.

Join me on a film noir adventure, inspired by the days of old, to find the best gas station cup of Joe in town.

YouTube video

2 replies on “Video: Old school gas station coffee showdown”

  1. I don’t usually drink gas station coffee, but when I do, I’d concur with the video analysis.

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