By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

WESTON, Wis – The students of the D.C. Everest Gaming Club gave back to the community on Tuesday by donating funds raised at the annual Evercon convention, some of which were given to support a fellow gamer battling cancer.

Club members donated $1,553 dollars to three different charities, which brought the total donated to local community groups to over $26,000 since 2009.

One charity in particular was very special to the club, as members donated $553 to help the family of eighth-grader Khiana Bradshaw as she goes through treatments for ovarian cancer. The Gaming Club is also planning a special fundraising event in April to help Khiana’s family.

Club president Ethan Laska said club members voted unanimously to support their classmate.

“We’ve always helped out the community and other people, wanting to make sure we never focused on ourselves,” Laska said. “But this time we decided to help out a fellow gamer who does need us.”

The donation was a surprise to Khiana herself.

“I never really expected this kind of thing, so it felt really good,” she said.

Khiana’s mother Natalie Bradshaw says this has been a big deal for her daughter.

“She hasn’t been able to come to school very often, so she’s been at home or the hospital,” Natalie Bradshaw said. “So this is amazing to see how many people are supporting her and how generous everyone’s been.”

Natalie says that gaming with her classmates has helped pass the time while Khiana has been going through chemotherapy treatments.

The club also donated $500 each to the Proud Theater of Wausau and to Disabled American Veterans. William Udulutch, a driver for the DAV, said he was astounded at the donations raised from the club.

“To see these young guys and gals come out and donate money for three different causes, it’s unbelievable,” Udulutch said.

Udulutch says that the $500 will go toward fuel, repairs and the costs of replacing the DAV van that makes trips from Wausau to Tomah and Madison.

If you’d like to help out Khiana’s family, you can find their GoFundMe page online at