By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — A $50 million facility being planned for Liberty Mutual in Wausau is no longer in the works, company officials confirmed on Wednesday.

Economic Development Director Chris Shock on Tuesday told members of the ED committee that talks with the company were continuing as Liberty Mutual worked out their final plans.

But early Wednesday, Adrianne Kaufmann, senior public relations specialist at Liberty Mutual, issued a prepared statement to Wausau Pilot and Review that said the company has made a decision. In her email, Kaufman praised the city’s efforts in working with Liberty Mutual as they considered options for their Wausau operations, which included constructing a new building or entering into a new lease in a downtown space.

“After carefully weighing all options, Liberty Mutual determined that the best course for the company is to extend the lease in our current location and renovate the space,” Kaufmann said. “Liberty Mutual appreciates everything that the Mayor, his team and the Wausau City Council had done in working with us.

The announcement comes roughly one year after city officials announced Liberty Mutual would build the facility, which would have been the most valuable building in Wausau’s history and would have committed the company to keeping 900 jobs in the city.

The deal called for $5 million in tax refunds over six years, according to city documents. Wausau would have seen a $10.5 million tax boost over 15 years from the development, according to projections presented to the council last year.

9 replies on “Liberty Mutual changes course on $50M Wausau facility”

  1. How many years has Lisa been on the Council — now calling for changes. Seems like the Council, when Deb Hadley on it — 2004-2008, was asking Lisa for her support of what she is requesting now. Lisa –just a bit to late–and egg on your face. Now we have this great epiphany! Amen.

  2. Correction. Deb on Council 2004-2010. Ran for Mayor against Jim Tipple in 2008. Tipple was also a big part of the problem. Handed a lot of projects to friends.

  3. “… new lease in a downtown space.” The obsession of the downtown clique with their free money dispensing machine are going to bankrupt the rest of the city. The ”Preferential city inside a city”.

    1. 900 people easily work in Wausau Center mall. I never understood why the mall was not re-purposed for LM and Eastbay and using the city parking to handle all their parking needs.

      1. I doubt very much if the mall parking ramp could accommodate all of the vehicles driven by the employees of Liberty Mutual and East Bay. Moving employees from one location to another has very little positive impact on the local economy. How about attracting some new businesses that will create some new jobs.

      2. NINE HUNDRED people work in the Wausau Center???? LMFAO! You can’t be serious! 900? Are you counting mall walkers (x20)? I’d estimate 300….tops. Seriously, where exactly can you come up with 900 employees for a mall that’s 70% vacant?

  4. Get ready Wausau, that loud sucking noise you will be hearing are those 900 jobs leaving for parts unknown. I guess the Mr. Schock wasn’t in the loop on this one.

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