Mosinee boys’ and girls’ high school basketball recently had a few players and a coach attend and volunteer for the Tim Tebow sponsored “Night to Shine.”

“Night to Shine” is an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs.

On Feb. 9, 37 churches around the world hosted the event. Approximately 90,000 “kings” and “queens” were honored.

Locally, the players and coach volunteered at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Weston where there were 109 honored guests. Representing the girls’ program were Riley Sondelski and Sophie Kamke. And for the boys’ program, it was Adam Moucha and JV2 assistant coach Tyler Sondelski.

The four volunteers were “buddies” to the “kings” and “queens.” They escorted them from a limousine, into the church and down the red carpet. The church was filled with enthusiastic people applauding the “kings” and “queens” as the made their way through.

This was all followed by a night of dancing, food, a photo booth and a balloon drop. The evening ended with a live feed from Tim Tebow thanking the volunteers and wishing all the “kings” and “queens” a wonderful night.

Photo courtesy of Mosinee High School