This letter is for voters in District #6 Wausau City Council race. Please vote for Becky McElhaney on April 3. She listens to and responds to constituents in her district. However, she also looks out for the hard-working tax paying residents of Wausau.

For her district – for years, residents on Riverview Drive and Riverview Court asked to have their street paved. Becky got it done. Speeding on District streets is a big complaint; Becky got more patrol of the area to improve safety in the district. Citizens wanted an ice skating rink in the district –  she worked with many parties to accomplish that goal.

For the taxpayers of Wausau –  Becky has repeatedly asked questions about tax spending on the Riverlife Project and the effect of TID’s underperformance on taxpayers. Becky does her homework. VOTE Becky McElhaney District #6 APRIL 3.

Joanne S. Leonard

District #6

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