A proposed referendum to upgrade schools in the D.C. Everest School District has passed by a wide margin.

School officials pushed hard for the $59.8 million plan, hosting community meetings and releasing an informational booklet to show voters how the program would benefit schools, students and the community.

In the end, voters approved the plan by a margin of about 71 percent to 29 percent.

The first set of upgrades is based on improving student learning, and will reconfigure classrooms and learning spaces at the elementary schools to better allow for collaborative teaching. This will “support new and innovative teaching practices that develop future-ready students,” according to officials.

A second set of upgrades will focus on safety and security of students. That includes a new secure entrance for the junior high school, security upgrades at three of the elementary schools, and new and improved fire systems across the district. Riverside Elementary will also be getting new water filtration systems in order to make the tap water there safe for students.

The third set of upgrades is focused on general remodeling in the district. A number of the elementary schools will be getting new additions, improved classrooms, and new cafeteria spaces. The senior high school will be getting a number of new classrooms and more room for the music and drama programs as well as new tech ed space. The junior high will be seeing some remodeling, as well as a new restroom in the basement area near the art and language rooms, in order to make the building ADA compliant.

The final set of upgrades is focused on general upkeep of buildings and general maintenance of facilities.