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REI Engineering donates books for Earth Day

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NEWS RELEASE — In recognition of Earth Day, REI Engineering, Inc. is donating books to local schools and distributing educational materials for nearly 400 students and 17 teachers.

REI’s goal is to encourage students to Read, Educate, and Ignite action to help in sustaining our environment.

To accomplish this goal, REI is asking its team members to deliver books to classrooms/school libraries in the community. Students at schools including Newman Catholic, Mosinee, Riverside Elementary, Rothschild Elementary, Kate Goodrich Elementary, Kennedy Elementary, Riverview Elementary, and Trinity Lutheran in Athens will benefit from receiving REI’s gift.

“Small gestures can make a large impact,” says REI president Jeny Nieuwenhuis. “The books we are sharing with local students are a tool to open up the conversation about Earth Day. Earth Day doesn’t have to be about solving environmental crises, but it can serve as a reminder that we can make practical adjustments that have a greater impact on the shaping of our community.”

Earth Day is a worldwide rally for environmental protection. Every department at REI has an impact on the shaping and development of our environment. Because we strive to be cognizant of the impact we have on our community, we openly support Earth Day and environmental protection. To REI, Earth Day is an opportunity to:

  • Recognize Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers
  • Connect REI to the community
  • Advocate for sustainability

REI Engineering provides dynamic solutions to meet the Civil/Survey and Environmental/Safety needs of our business partners throughout the Midwest.

Recognized as a team of innovative and inspired professionals, REI is committed to exceeding client expectations through quick responsiveness and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to be our clients’ choice, first… and always! Visit our website at REIengineering.com.



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