NEWS RELEASE — After a year of planning and community support, Hope Life Center is ready to launch their new custom designed, 31 ft. mobile medical unit at a Ribbon Cutting ceremony.

The public is invited to go inside the unit and meet the staff and members of the board:

  • Wednesday, April 25 from 3:00 until 5:00 pm
  • Ribbon cutting at 3:30pm
  • Located at Hope’s Main location, 605 S. 24th, Wausau (behind Hampton Inn)

The mobile unit provides clients and potential clients who are unable to travel to the Wausau or Antigo offices access to services like pregnancy testing, STD testing and treatment, and limited OB ultrasound exams.

Also, advocacy and education for expectant moms and many of the essential supplies that newborn babies need are available. All services and supplies are provided free of charge to Hope clients.

“The fundraising campaign for the mobile unit began last September. By April 1st, we had raised almost our entire $250,000 goal,” said Jack Hoogendyk, Executive Director of Hope Life Center. “This is the culmination of a lot of planning, prayer and fund raising. Based on the track record of similar centers, we expect to see a twofold increase in clientele.”

Hope Life Center is a faith-based, 501-c-3 non-profit organization that is funded by private donations.

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  1. Women deserve to have more control of their medical care, and not this sort of not medical care nonsense. Reproductive health care is health care. All access health care. Comprehensive health care.

    1. Really not sure why you have your knickers in a knot, Dino. It’s a PRIVATELY funded service that provides limited, free services to those who WISH to visit it. This nonsense about “women deserve to have more control of their medical care” is just that…..nonsense. How EXACTLY do women not have “control” of their medical care, Dino? Maybe you should just admit that the biggest problem you have with this is that it’s a faith-based, non-profit, instead of flailing your arms around about a “problem” that doesn’t exist. Seriously dude, get a freaking grip.

  2. I will try. Crisis Pregnancy Centers pretend to be medical facilities. If you read the piece by George Will (a conservative) you would see that.

    The state of Texas gave 5 Million dollars to CPC, Ohio gave millions as well. Both Bush presidencies were marked by a massive increase in funding to CPC. So, CPC’s s do recieve tax dollars to provide misleading information to women who walk through there doors.

    The current administration has changed its tact in handing these issues, and has returned to the failed ideology of abstinence only.

    I strongly care about this issue because I believe that denying people access to reproductive health is in fact a denial of something they have a right to. Medical care is medical care. Misleading the public, as documented in the links above, is a horrible practice.

    Further, the ability to control ones reproduction is the ability to control ones families economic future.

    It is not simply about faith, in fact in this case it is not about faith at all. It is about science being science, and medicine being medicine. And misleading women is wrong.

  3. “Denying people access to reproductive health”……..where exactly, please? Do they have armed guards keeping women out? Lastly, the “ability” to control ones reproduction ability is based more on their ability to either abstain from doing the horizontal shuffle, or they can go to one of the thousands of taxpayer funded abortion clinics nationwide.
    You’re on a roll today. Please do keep the stupid links coming!

  4. You are not reading the links I post, but I will keep trying to respond to your points.

    In states like Texas, and Ohio, and New Jersey and Wisconsin and many others, states have moved reproductive health care dollars away from comprehensive family planning clinics (not simply PP) and to Crisis Pregnancy Centers. By doing this, it limits (denies) women access to comprehensive health care options. By doing this, the limit the health care of women and families. By limiting this access to care, it alters the health care outcomes and women have more unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.

    In regards to the THOUSANDS of taxpayer funded abortion clinics, that is false, there are not thousands. In 2017 there were 788.

    This is significant for many reasons. If you look at the map, you will see many states with 1 provider. This becomes a geographic barrier to getting health care. For example, if a young woman is raped in a part of Wyoming or North Dakota, the drive to a clinic (which is time sensitive and emotionally trying) can be hours on hours. If emergency rooms in these places do not stock emergency contraception in their rape kits, then an abortion provider might be an only option.

    Further, if a woman wants to terminate a pregnancy in one of these states, and there is a waiting period, if you combine the travel, this can be an economic issue as well. Taking days off of work, and securing transportation can be a barrier to getting the health care they want.

    But, to keep responding to what you posted, you can see by this fact sheet that first sexual contact is roughly age 17.

    So, in that case if a 17 year old girl wants to get answers to her health care options, she should get them. She should not be met with moral arguments from a psuedo clinic masquerading as a health care provider.

    Here is a paper from a Bioethicist calling into question the ethics of crisis pregnancy centers.

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