May 10 Thursday 10:30 am – Noon
Multisensory experiences in “Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary” and “My Friend Eric Rohmann” spark conversation between individuals with memory loss and accompanying friends or family members. After social interaction, participants engage in a hands-on art activity. Call 715-845-7010 to register.

Saturday & Sunday, May 12 & 13
Ian Plant Residency
Whether hanging over an active volcano’s rim, braving the elements to photograph endangered species, or trekking deep into wilderness places most will never see, professional photographer Ian Plant continues his quest to capture the beauty of our world via his camera. A frequent magazine contributor, managing editor of the online resource “Outdoor Photography Guide,” and author of books and instructional videos, Plant leads Woodson Art Museum public programs and a class designed to help you see and frame subjects in a new light.

May 12 Saturday 1 – 2 pm
Photographer Gallery Walk
Join Ian Plant for a gallery walk, gaining his insights and impressions of Rarely Seen photographs, including his own, Ice Cave Wisconsin.

May 12 Saturday 3 – 6 pm
Lessons from the Field Photography Class
Ian Plant shares expert photography techniques by showing participants how to see the world the way your camera sees it. From technical advice about aperture and exposure settings to the artful use of perspective, composition, and light, Ian’s photography lessons at the Museum will alter how you see the world and transform your photography. Designed for intermediate photographers; call to register and for more information. Fee: $15, members; $25, non-members.

May13 Sunday 1-2 pm
Stories behind the Shots
Photographer Ian Plant shares favorite photos taken around the world. Listen to stories about his experiences and expeditions, from up-close encounters with endangered species to some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth.

On view through May 27, 2018
“Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary”
Experience astounding visual wonders in this National Geographic exhibition of fifty remarkable images featuring seldom-seen places, events, natural phenomena and man-made heirlooms. From a glacier in Patagonia to the deepest caves of Papua New Guinea, renowned photographers captured astonishing moments, natural wonders, and extraordinary objects. Photographer Ian Plant – whose striking photo, Ice Cave Wisconsin, is included in the exhibition – leads a gallery walk, workshop, and presentation during a May 12-13 residency.

New to the Collection
Experience newly acquired artwork by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, Frederick Stone Batcheller, Alexander Pope, Thomas Aquinas Daly, Karen Bondarchuk, Arthur Burdett Frost, and Lynn Bogue Hunt.

“On the Wing”  Birds in Flight
Discover the beauty of birds as they flee from predators, mate and search for food. Paintings, works on paper and sculptures depict birds soaring, skimming, flapping, and gliding.

On view through August 2018
“Fowl Play”  Decorative Duck Decoys
Duck decoys long have been used to lure waterfowl. Typically made of wood, these life-sized sculptures range from simple bird shapes to intricately carved and finely painted examples. Some are strictly utilitarian; others are sculptural works of art.

In the Sculpture Garden
“The Dance”
Inspired by the way the seasonal migration of sandhill cranes to their Wisconsin nesting grounds marks the passage of time, Boston artists­-The Myth Makers-Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein, constructed 25-foot-tall sandhill cranes of Wausau-area saplings, on-site. (June 2016)
The Woodson is at 700 N. 12th St., Wausau.