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Video Review: Vino Latte has a chill atmosphere, healthy breakfast (and coffee, too)

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By Dan Newman

Vino Latte has been serving up healthy food to the Weston area for four and half years now. I’m trying to eat better, so it was time to give them a shot.

The atmosphere in this place is amazing. The walls are lined with wine bottles and the comfy seating upstairs makes you feel at home so you can kick back and relax. They also have several tables to get some work done or have a more traditional dinning experience. Coffee and wine related art is hung on the walls and interesting art installations are scattered throughout. The seating areas upstairs vary from business to casual, and there’s even a patio and a gas fireplace.

Positive energy abounds with the friendly staff and customers alike. The employees are nice and helpful, also forgiving of a man trying his first green smoothie. Customers all seemed to be in high spirits and gave the place a welcoming feeling. Another thing of note is that the lighting is fantastic. The soft light didn’t create any dark places, which helps create an inviting mood.

Like any good YouTuber, I had to try a green juice smoothie. I went for the Pineapple Kale version, and it was kinda chunky, a little earthy and had a good flavor for spring. The kale was not overpowering, which was great, but truth be told, the craze over these things escapes me.

The Breakfast Veggie Wrap was one egg, broccoli, tomato and onion with Swiss cheese in a garden vegetable wrap. It was served with cottage cheese topped with paprika. The veggies were steamed and the egg substitute held it all together. This was maybe the healthiest breakfast I’ve had, and it was surprising how flavorful it was. It could have used a little spice of some kind, but it was still really good. The meal left me feeling ready for the day and didn’t weigh me down, so maybe there’s something to eating healthy after all.

I grabbed a white chocolate latte before I left to round out my visit. It was smooth and creamy and the flavors blended so well it felt like I was eating a dessert.

Vino Latte is a great little spot for a coffee, a healthy meal or a bottle of wine. The atmosphere and mood of the place was great, and the food they serve is tasty and energizing. I enjoyed my visit and plan to go back.

Vino Latte – Weston
4204 Schofield Ave
Weston, WI 54476

Vino Latte – Wausau
3309 Terrace Ct.
Wausau, WI 54401

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