By Shereen Siewert

WESTON — Village officials will consider official action against Weston Administrator Daniel Guild during a closed session set for this week.

Village of Weston Administrator Daniel Guild

Few details are immediately available about the meeting, which is slated for 4:30 p.m. Thursday at the Village of Weston Municipal Center, 5500 Schofield Ave. in Weston. Notice of the meeting was sent Monday afternoon to all trustees.

According to the agenda, the closed session will “consider the dismissal, demotion, licensing or discipline of any public employee or person licensed by a board or commission or the investigation of charges against such person.” The village administrator is named as the employee at the center of the action.

In an email to Wausau Pilot and Review late Monday, Village President Barb Ermeling said the closed session was requested by two village trustees: Wally Sparks and Mark Maloney.  Both Sparks and Maloney were elected in April to the board of trustees.

Guild on Monday evening acknowledged the notice and said he is considering whether to make a public statement prior to Thursday’s meeting.

Sparks, the former Everest Metro Police chief, told Wausau Pilot and Review he has significant concerns related to the administrator’s position, but could not be more specific prior to Thursday’s meeting.

The action comes at a critical time for Weston residents, just as the planned Camp Phillips Centre development project is coming to fruition. The development is expected to generate more than $100 million in new tax base for the village.

Guild has been village administrator since May 2012. Prior to his tenure in Weston, he spent nearly three years as administrator in Poynette, Wis.

4 replies on “BREAKING: Weston to consider dismissal, censure of administrator”

  1. It is hard to really respond since it is another governing body going into closed session. The public really does not have a sense of what this is about.

    I will say though, I think Daniel is a good Village of Weston administrator. I like the direction the Village is going in.

    I hope this turns out okay.

    Thanks for the reporting Shereen.

  2. Finally we have leadership taking action over a government employee gone off the tracks. He is supposed to be working for the tax paying citizens of this community, NOT dictating what he feels is best. Last time I checked we still live in the USA.

  3. Dean, I live in Weston and wondering if you can offer some specifics. Not sure what Daniel has done without the Village Boards approval.

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