By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. will provide $20,000 in consulting services to help determine the best use for the struggling Wausau Center Mall, according to WEDC Public Affairs and Communications Director Mark Maley.

“Just to clarify my earlier statement, this is not a grant to the city or the River District,” Maley said. “WEDC is hiring Place & Main for a project that certainly will benefit downtown Wausau and the entire community.”

An informational meeting will be held at 5 p.m. Thursday in council chambers at Wausau City Hall.

The plan, which is expected to be completed by June 30, will focus on three key areas:

  • Concept plan: The consultant will present concepts for the site that can accommodate various potential uses for the property, and develop an initial study showing the general layout of the site.
  • Visioning and urban design plan: This plan will illustrate the general site layout and location of buildings, and include details on what is needed to create a walkable, mixed-use business district that will complement the existing features of downtown.
  • Initial market information: The firm will provide initial demographic data that will lay the groundwork for a market analysis that will be vital in helping to determine that type of redevelopment will take place on the site.

“WEDC is supporting this project because the city of Wausau, the Wausau River District and concerned citizens reached out to us to see if we could provide assistance in finding a new use for this largely-vacant shopping mall,” Maley said. “We believe that this site has great potential for future development that will benefit not just downtown, but the entire city and region and we are pleased to provide this assistance to launch this important revitalization project.”

Wausau has been part of the Wisconsin Main Street Program, which WEDC oversees, since 2002 and receiving this type of assistance from WEDC is one of the benefits of being a Main Street community, Maley said.

The organization chose Place & Main Advisors because of the firm’s extensive experience in reusing commercial centers in relation to downtown areas and because the team has the ability to complete the study on a tight timeline, Maley said.

Place & Main offers services to developers, statewide associations, Main Street Coordinating programs, and local downtowns and commercial districts. The firm’s principal – Joe Borgstrom – has more than two decades of experience in this area.

44 replies on “WEDC hires consultant for Wausau Center reuse plan”

  1. Sticking their public employees noses into private businesses while wasting tax dollars? The only people that are obsessed with that strip of downtown are special interest and their puppets.

  2. It will be interesting to she what transpires and how this facility can be repurposed… creating jobs, tax income and supporting more commerce and action in the downtown…

  3. There are hundreds of business on Stewart Ave. Some go bankrupt others flourish. You do not see or hear them complain and whine to the city to waste tax dollars. For over a decade now, the downtown clique made us believe our lives will come to an end if their antiquated businesses will sink. For some unknown reason, tax payers have some burden of responsibility to keep them afloat.

  4. Who owns the Wausau Center??? It is a source of tax revenue and jobs and needs to be repurposed. Can you explain all the deals for FOXConn??? Other WEDC loans?

  5. People that relied all their lives on government jobs do not comprehend the meaning of Private Business. The Wausau Mall is owned by private entities.
    Useless geniuses should keep their nose out of it. Tax revenues are generated by Private businesses not by the ones that waste it.
    Tax revenues generated by the City pumpkins?
    We are getting a new Insurance building.
    We are getting a movie theater lets spend $600.000.
    We are getting a high end residential building hundreds of thousands $ wasted and liabilities on tax payers.
    In short, let them focus fixing the roads and collecting garbage.

    1. Oh Ron…..where do I start? First off, you’re 110% correct on all accounts. Secondly, never think you’re going to talk sense, facts and/or reality with a life long lib. I’m sure you already know that, but just thought I’d remind you. 😉

  6. I think this is good in both a short term and long term way.

    In the short term, it is a new set of eyes. Clearly the eyes that we have in leadership in Wausau are experiencing troubles. Clearly the Mall ownership is absent. So, some new ideas, and thoughts will be good.

    Two, maybe in the long run it will show the members of leadership in Wausau that there is another way of doing things. Clearly the Mielke administration is failing, so maybe some fresh blood will spark them a little bit.

    This is a very small amount of consulting money. I would imagine it will be two site visits, and one large report with ideas. Beyond that, unless there is a lot of after work billed, this is a very small amount of money.

    1. Dino my man…..with all due respect, are you truly that naive? This mall has had the “writing on the wall” for YEARS now and these freaking geniuses are just now getting around to having a “consultant” look at it? Please. Mall ownership obviously couldn’t care less about the success of that money pit. If they did, don’t you think THEY would be more active in trying to resurrect the dead? At this point, I assure you the ONLY thing the owners of the mall are looking at is how they can cut their losses and bail with doing minimum damage to their own financial interests.
      You think having a husband/wife consulting firm from Michigan come in and as you said, make one or two visits is going to change the complete ineptness of the bug sprayer and his merry band of useless fools? Seriously man!
      $20k in my book isn’t an amount of money to just sneeze at. Then again, compared to the millions this city is currently in the red for, I guess you’re right…..that’s chump-change. So WEDC is throwing $20k away. I’d like to know where their money tree is. Oh wait, I’m sure WEDC is taxpayer funded. Never mind. Hell, I’d “consult” the bug sprayer about what to do with the mall for only $10k. Once again, I’m in the wrong racket.
      C’mon man, I hope you have more intelligence than to think this is going to change one damn thing. Ditch the rose colored glasses and look at this realistically.

      1. I was literally just trying to come up with good things to say. Clearly the Mielke administration is failing. Any attempt, LITERALLY, any attempt for someone to come in an be listened to it good.

        Do I think any change will actually happen? NO. Nothing has happened yet, nothing will.

      2. “the complete ineptness of the bug sprayer and his merry band of useless fools?”
        You sir are scurrilous dog… denigrating another former profession in the private sector and ignoring the hard work, need it provided in the community, and the military background… what is wrong with you and why are comments like these allowed???

  7. The circle of stupidity! Why are malls dying?
    Shoppers do not have enough disposable income to waste on additional 20-30% brick and mortar expenses.
    Cutting government taxation on services like “How to save malls” – “We are buying empty Sears building” – “We are government payed entrepreneurs” might leave tax payers some additional income to shop in brick and mortars. If $20.000 “consulting” could solve mall problems, you would think all the malls would have had some solution by now. Yet, the cycle of stupid continues. Let us hire more government to fix private business with taxation.

    1. Why don’t consumers have more income… love wages, no bargaining power, the tax cuts that transfer the wealth to the top so 1% has 50% of the wealth and the next 9% control the next 36%…. kind of squeezes the majority and meanwhile, education gets more expensive, we ignore the infrastructure, we have a terrible minimum wage and too many don’t even get a living wage… am I the only “fiscal conservative” who believe you get what you pay for and too much borrowing on the federal level makes it tough hear in our city… being “pragmatic” I want to see investments made and understand that nothing happens overnight… it took several years coming out of the Great Recession nationally and internationally to see the current progress and we are also seeing massive borrowing and international games creating more problems than we need and can handle… and all can say without a doubt that it all is the problem of the current city administration, ignoring the struggle of the recent years and the changes in the way the nation does business… things are in a constant flux and we need to work together… interesting concept… compromise, communicate, and remember…

      YouTube video
  8. Mark my words, I cannot help but believe that the city has designs on becoming the owner of the mall so they can repurpose it as they see fit. After all, look how well the purchase of the Sears property has worked so far.

    1. The Sears property had a problem with having a common wall with the Mall… so what is your suggestion…

  9. Well, I see the negative and childish talkers refuse to recognize that we have government and it is designed for be run by elected officials and it uses tax dollars and with work and effort things happen… public service, public safety, roads, parks, education, mail, protection of our water and air, elections, and health care and rules and regulations… the problem is the economy has sparked for some and by-passed others, poverty is at a 30 year high, health care is again being denied to more people… elect officials operating under a charter, using tax dollars and hiring staff, work to do what the city needs… and surprise… many others have differing views and not everything happens exactly as planned!

  10. John, you need to catch up on the current situation. Employment overall is at a all time low. Employment for minorities is also at record lows. Companies are giving bonuses to employees all over the country and consumer confidence is at a high level. But you, and most liberals, just can’t accept the fact that Hillary lost the election. Please seek some professional mental heath care soon for your own good.

  11. I am entitled to free healthcare, free roads, free education, an early retirement in my 50’s while the rest of you try to make it till 70 to subsidize all the above. It is not your fault, it is the top bad 1%.
    Why don’t you deal with the top 1% and spare us your entitlements at the expenses of the shrinking middle class (what’s left of it). Did Obama go after the 1%? No! He became one of the 1%.

    1. Ron, yes, we are all worthy and entitled… if you understand the work entitled… to free healthcare, free roads, free education, an early retirement in my 50’s… but news flash… it is not free… it is the wise use of our tax dollars and it creates jobs, healthy workers, and healthier citizens… ask all the other successful countries!

      So you are agree that the top 1% is entitled??? to have 50% of all the wealth and the top 10% should have a full 85% and the rest struggle with poverty, housing, education and health costs, the highest poverty in 30 years… are you aware that we have food insecurity and child poverty… Dude… President Obama and Michelle are both college grads with degrees from law school and he is a talented writer, former college professor in law school and he earned his money and education and took advance of the American Dream… the shrinking middle class did better under Obama than under the borrowing of Trump and the GOP Congress of trillions of dollars… we need to talk…

      1. Spare us your entitlements justifications at the expense of the Middle Class. You should have worked in the private sector to measure up your true value of entitlements. You and the “struggling” should bark at the 1% instead of draining the middle class. Don’t fool yourself being part of the Middle Class. Retiring entitlements from your useless government jobs most likely equate to over a million $ in assets if lived 20-30 years in retirement. Now how many tax payers have assets around a Million $? The 1%? You are the 1% with socialist ideologies to serve your interest.

    2. Ron,
      What do you believe? Do you believe workers should have bargaining rights? Pension programs for deferred payments for the work they have performed? HEALTH care benefits for themselves and their families?

      The middle class has been squeezed and I didn’t do it… the wealthy and corporations are doing great and the workers are giving record productivity and profits to the top and share holders and getting nothing form the bosses… yep they got some bonuses, but not raises… Admit it! you have an agenda, but lack a plan… I have a comprehensive plan, but without the leadership and cooperation in government, nothing is going to happen.

      1. We are living in a global economy. Our cheap past “slaves” are going to turn Wisconsinites to their slaves (foxconn) and you are asking for “bargaining rights”? You have no clue how life works. This has nothing to do with left or right and has everything to do with entitlements and arrogance. Can you relate? Most likely not! Be grateful of quantitative easing (printing money out of thin air) as long its lasts. Apparently our city is going for its quantitative easing to please the Downtown Clique.

      2. We are living in a global economy. Yep!

        Our cheap past “slaves” are going to turn Wisconsinites to their slaves (foxconn) and you are asking for “bargaining rights”?

        Yep! With nearly full employment, wages should increase and unions have provide numerous steps for our society and workers for the years. It is all part of the labor movement and civil rights struggle.

        Walker’s efforts to give billions to FOXConn is a problem and many see it as a problem for tax payers and damaging to Lake Michigan with the water rights and the loss of 2.7 million gallons of water each day.

        You have no clue how life works. How would you know this… you don’t know and you aren’t even talking the same language.

        Never said it was a left or right thing, I have talked about what happened and what is going on…

        entitlements – “a government program that provides benefits to any individual meeting certain eligibility requirements…” which other nations have valued and funded with tax dollars… fair enough?

        “arrogance?” No I believe in the compassion and promise or our country based on “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of …”

        Can you relate?

        Be grateful of quantitative easing (printing money out of thin air) as long its lasts. You realize that as a fiscal conservative and a Goldwater supporter form the 1960’s in Arizona… I prefer limitations on borrowing and wise investments… like the investments made with pension funds in our economy that stimulate our economy, make the pension plans part of the public-private alliance… we have so many public-private investment… especially our spending on the defense programs and military…

        And who has created the debt??? Reagan tripped the debt, HW was not elected because he saw the need to raise taxes, Clinton created surpluses which W gave away and then borrowed billions, Obama stepped in during a great recession and reduced the deficits for six straight years and then Trumps tax reform meant $1.7 in cuts to taxes and borrowing money and looking to borrow more down the road??? that is debt and it means we have less money for the necessary social programs and things our people depend on…

        Apparently our city is not able to exceed the limit imposed by the State government… with limiting funds and a tight budget, they are scrambling to do the job… other leaders might have different ideas, but they would have the same financial restraints…

        We could communicate better in person, without the lag time and negative comments… coffee anytime… but then you cannot remain anonymous!

  12. Stan, I am a liberal, and I know and accept that Hillary lost the election. Boy howdy did she lose the election.

    I think my time commenting on Pilot Review stuff is coming to an end with this thread. It has been a great run, but sadly this is becoming the exact same place as other places for public discussion.

    I thought that Rons comment would be the one to really draw some discussion. He sort of got to the essence of questioning how local governments can provide incentives to support economic development. Because at question here is if the strategy put forward by Chris Shock and Mayor Mielke are the right one. I believe that the downtown district can be, and is, an economic engine. But, I do not believe it is the only one. Like many, I see a lot of resources going there. But, unlike many, I do not think that those resources are put there at the expense of others based on personal preference. I believe the econ dollars end up there for a wide variety of reasons, but some are good and valid, and some are misguided. And some are personality driven of course.

    But, instead of a discussion about that, John did the usual thing about the broadest, sweeping government priorities, and an attack on people for what he percieves as lack of civility (this has occured in many threads now with John), and then the normal attack in libs and conservatives.

    I think that this is a lame trend of subject coopting. I think some have retreated to their internet corners of ideology, and that is where we devolve to. I think this was going really well. I mean sure, there was a lot of crassness and name calling, but sometimes public figures earn that disdain.

    Ron, your comment about the role of public dollars in private development is a great focused concept.

    See you guys later.

    Keep holding the bastards feet to the fire Shereen.

  13. Ron,

    I know John. It is not going to change. He has done this on lots of places of public comment. And lots of people have fallen for it. I mean it happened here AGAIN. We all get triggered, and then it all goes sideways.

    I am so disappointed that we did not have a cool discussion about your post on economic development strategy. Sure, you had to get through some of the bluster, but that was an amazing point to bring up. And it just got consumed, and I do not see that changing.

    1. Dino, I speak truth to power buddy, but I think you are allowing these anonymous individuals slander and libel good people… I can never accept or condone such action and I will speak up… I will always present my views my way and

      “I know John. It is not going to change. He has done this on lots of places of public comment. And lots of people have fallen for it. I mean it happened here AGAIN. We all get triggered, and then it all goes sideways.”

      So why should I change and why would you want me too… I respect your views and the other views… but I cannot condone the insults and never will…

      I would love “a cool discussion about your post on economic development strategy.”

      Would you want me to abandon by upbringing, faith, and ethics to fit in? Because you are correct… John will not change and John has many facets and ideas and is willing to present them.

  14. FYI, I have been able to create friends and meet with people for reasoned and respectful conversation, jus like the good old days.

  15. Because John you are not simply stating your position. You are asking someone else to alter their behavior or ideas based on you thinking you are right. You are not in any position to do so. This is not your website, the way the Wausau Daily Herald was not your website, the way countless facebook threads were not yours. But, you simply are so assured that you are right apparently in all things and behaviors, that you seek to alter or correct the behavior of others, while discounting the position they take.

    You seek to dismiss people who are commenting here based on style, or anonymity, or crassness…all the while failing to engage most if not all there substantive discussion.

    This action by you triggers people to respond in the usual ways, and we end up with you assuming a moral high ground, and many people doing the usual lib v con dance. Which empowers you to simply respond with the usual, I have the high ground because you are attacking me nonsense.

    But, in fact it is YOU who do the triggering here. It is YOU who have done it on other forums. And in this case, I feel strongly enough about this website, and my personal mental health, to draw a line.

    A line for me.

    I will change my behavior, and not be a part of discussions here John. Mainly because you have taken this tactic again, and I am not interested in it. This is not your website. This is owned by Shereen and overseen by its board. You have no right to tell people what to do here, yet you do. You criticize people repeatedly for posting anonymously.

    In this case, rhetorically you are equal to a small government conservative saying women should not be allowed to have long acting birth control. In one instance, the conservative wants the government out of peoples lives, but is willing to create laws to limited access to birth control, not seeing the inherent contradiction.

    You cannot condone insults, all the while insulting people. You have no control here, yet you seek to demand the behavior of others change.

    So, John, I am going to go. This will be my swan song. I feel that you did what you do, and people reacted the way they reacted, and the whole soup is not something I will be eating.

    Shereen, I love this news outlet, and you know I do. And I believe the anonymous posters here are doing so in good faith for the most part, and even in their own way want to have substantive discussion about the issues facing central Wisconsin today. ANd I am surprised it took so long for it to spin out like this, but it spun. And I am sorry if I contributed to the spin, and if I did I take full responsibility for it. But, I think it is too sideways for me personally. I got your back now and always.

  16. Dino, stick around. While I vehemently disagree with you on many topics, I honestly respect you and your opinions because you speak about what you truly believe in and don’t just spew talking points. Trust me, you’re one of the few liberals I can stomach having a discussion with! 😉

  17. I saw the article on the other news outlet on the downtown proposal.
    We paid some geniuses $20.000 to tell the city to build a new city downtown?
    Somewhere in the 0.5 to 1 billion infrastructure? Geniuses!

  18. Dino, don’t go!

    “Because John you are not simply stating your position.” I am participating in the exchange of ideas… isn’t that the purpose of the site?

    “You are asking someone else to alter their behavior or ideas based on you thinking you are right. You are not in any position to do so.”
    First, I have researched and stand behind my statements and carefully listen to the other comments… when I see uncivil and insulting comments being used as the norm… I am in the position to demand change…

    Wausau Pilot & Review is and independent 501c3 nonprofit newsroom devoted to educating the public about crucial issues in central Wisconsin with a special focus on public policy and quality of life issues.

    Our Mission: To dig beneath surface of issues of public importance, provide insightful analysis and reveal meaningful trends, fats, issues, underlying causes and possible solutions. Wausau Pilot & Review is non-partisan and strives to be balanced, fair, accurate, and comprehensive, while adhering to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. Our goal is to promote and deepen public and private debate the makes a difference in the lives of those living in central Wisconsin.

    Our content: We generate content that is distributed through our website and social media. Topics of particular interest include poverty, the justice system, education, health care, mental health, public spending, the elderly and the underprivileged. We strongly support the First Amendment rights and transparency in government and we value and promote the news media’s watchdog role.

    “so assured that you are right apparently in all things and behaviors, that you seek to alter or correct the behavior of others, while discounting the position they take.”
    Get off it Dino, I refuse to accept the slurs and insults and mean comments, don’t you share the concept of free speech and fair speech? When I present data, reports, and facts… I provide a source. When I follow my upbringing, faith and standards, I provide my opinion… but I do not tramp on the rights and good name of others! That is my training in journalism coming to the surface.

    “dismiss people who are commenting here based on style, or anonymity, or crassness…” yes, I refuse to condone their cowardice and insulting and prejudicial comments, why don’t you… yes, I call out the cowardly comments made anonymously… that is how I was taught by my father and what my faith demands… a real person should not hide their identity and trash others in print…

    I also engage in substantive discussions… having a firm basis in reality and therefore important, meaningful, or considerable…

    Ron, Stan, and the other anonymous people respond in the usual ways, with judgements that rebated on their position and having no basis in reality, in nasty personal attacks and labeling,

    “we??? end up with you assuming a moral high ground, because I didn’t attack or make uncivil comments. We??? Dino, you and many other identify your selves and make comments and stand behind them…

    I am not responsible for others “doing the usual lib v con dance.”
    Do you condone such behavior… when do they address the issues and stop with person slights.

    Yes Dino, I am the puppet master, controlling the comments and behavior of anonymous people who fail in fair exchange of ideas… And in this case, I feel strongly enough about this website, and my personal mental health, to draw a line.

    the anonymous posters here are free to make comments, but not personal attacks… want to have substantive discussion about the issues facing central Wisconsin today.

    but it spun because talking smack is for face to face confrontations on the basketball court in a direct confrontation and mostly done is jest… not anonymous insults and personal attacks and unfounded judgements…
    Don’t go Dino… but you do have the right to protect yourself…

    1. John. While I am sure that this will come as a shock to you, but we were doing just fine before you joined our merry little troop. So if you are going to hang around, turn it down a notch as you just may not be the smartest person in the room.

    1. Dino, hang around buddy. While we often do not agree, you have a very insightful view of things and I enjoy your input.

    2. Dino, It’s not a competition! It’s about communication! Maybe you are overreacting to may comments. You know I strive to talk the talk and walk the walk… just like you do and have high standards.

  19. Thank you Stan.

    It is not a competition John. I am not competing. I am curating my life. I am adjusting MY OWN behavior to live by my principals. I just want to point out that since I brought this up, none of your comments reflect any sort of self reflecting that anything I might be saying, any of my points, are worthy of your self reflection. Instead, they are simply rebutted. It is exhausting.

  20. At the risk of sounding contradictory as the 40th post on this thread, sometimes less is more. Outside of true public space like the 400 Block, the city is best to craft the vision and zoning, but let the heavy lifting of banking and development to the professionals. Tax Incremental Financing is the opiate of our fare city.

    1. Doug, the city is turning into a farcical version of Old MacDonalds Farm with here a TID, there TID, everywhere TID, TID.

      1. Historically…
        The lyrics have been translated from English into other languages and modified slightly to fit rhythmic and cultural requirements. In most languages below, it is still sung as a children’s song to the same tune.

        An Egyptian Arabic version of the song exists, with Geddo Ali (in Egyptian Arabic: ??? ???, meaning “Grandpa Ali”) as the farmer character.
        In Armenian, there is a translation under copyright by Karenn Presti published in 2017’s My First Armenian Songbook.
        In Chinese, there are several versions of the song with same tune. The most popular is Wáng l?o xi?nsh?ng y?u kuài dì (in Chinese: ???????, meaning “Old Mr. Wang had some land”).
        In Czech, it is Strý?ek Donald farmu m?l (meaning “Uncle Donald had a farm”).
        In Danish, it is Jens Hansen havde en bondegård (meaning “Jens Hansen had a farm”).[4]
        In Finnish, it is “Piippolan vaarilla oli talo” (meaning “Grandpa Piippola had a house”)[5]
        In French, it is Dans la ferme de Mathurin (meaning “In Mathurin’s farm”).[6]
        In German, it is Onkel Jörg hat einen Bauernhof (meaning “Uncle Jörg has a farm”).[7] An alternative version is Old MacDonald hat ‘ne Farm (short for eine Farm), keeping the English name of the farmer, and translating the rest quite literally (meaning “Old MacDonald has a farm”).
        In Hebrew, it is LaDod Moshe hayta chava (in Hebrew: ???? ??? ????? ????, meaning “Uncle Moses had a farm”). This version was translated by Avraham Broshi.[8]
        In Italian, it is Nella vecchia fattoria (meaning “In the old farm”). The farmer is Zio Tobia (meaning “Uncle Tobias”).[9]
        In one Japanese version, it is Yukai-na Makiba (in Japanese: ??????, meaning “Happy farm”). Ichiro, Jiro, and Saburo are the farmers who have animals.
        In another Japanese version, it is Makku no Ojisan (in Japanese: ????????, meaning “Old man Mac”), sounds playfully like the Western version.
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        in Russian “??? ?????????? ??????? ?-??,?-??,?!” Translated by Leonid Zuborev ?????? ???????
        In Serbian, the song, with very different lyrics but the same melody, is Svako jutro jedno jaje organizmu snagu daje (meaning “One egg per day gives the strength to human organism”).
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        In Turkish, it is Ali Baba’n?n Bir Çiftli?i Var (meaning “Ali Baba has a farm”).

  21. I agree that the city and Council need to have a vision and zoning, but they also need a budget and that means access to revenue, which has limits based on the states actions… so using what they have and working with banking and development professions… but seems some of those professions are not fair dinkum operators.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each decision happened just as planned? That we didn’t have to face the new reality that included online sales and still needed the brick and mortar stores, but we have to decide what we have and how to cooperate with other communities… this is tough when we have problems with the companies that misrepresent themselves and what they can accomplish… so when the financial resources are limited and the budget is tight… we can not just dismiss the TIF money… we need to do something to complete the River Life Project, a transit system to connect the north and south communities, cross over to Rib Mountain, we need have the wonderful adventure called curb pickup, we need more clinics and strong recreation programs,

    Time we sat down and talked again…

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