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City officials: Riverlife irrigation line severed during construction

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By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU —  City officials will meet with inspectors and contractors Thursday to determine next steps after learning the main irrigation line along the RIverlife public green spaces is damaged.

The damage appears to have happened during the excavation process of the RIverlife Village apartment project, Wausau Public Works Director Eric Lindman said. The line supplies water to the south side of the pedestrian bridge, which features extensive landscaping.

The city’s irrigation plans and record drawings were shared with the developer and their engineers prior to the excavation process, Lindman said.

Lindman said city officials were unaware of the problem on the main line until Wausau Pilot and Review reached out for comment early Wednesday.

“We have been aware of some sprinkler heads that were damaged near the WOW building and they need to be repaired as well.,” Lindman said. “I am not sure at this time if the line was slightly damaged and then over time it became worse or if it has been this way for a while.”

The irrigation system, installed by ReVi Design, is under warranty, Lindman said, who added that ReVi would be the responsible contractor to repair the damage. However, Lindman said, if the line damage was done by the Samuels Group then  they could be responsible to cover any costs associated with the repair.

Lindman said officials will work to create a timeline for the repair. No cost estimates were immediately available.

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