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Warrant issued for Aniwa man in dognapping, animal abuse case that led to puppy’s death

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WAUSAU — A bench warrant has been issued for a 37-year-old Aniwa man charged in an alleged animal abuse case in which a puppy had to be euthanized, after the man failed to show up for a hearing in Marathon County Circuit Court.

Reserve Judge Greg Grau this week issued the warrant for Randy Diels, who did not appear at a bail/bond forfeiture hearing on Monday. Forty-three-year-old Kimberly Lawrence, who was arrested with Diels, has already reached a plea deal and is serving three years of probation in the case after being convicted of multiple counts of animal mistreatment and dognapping..

The couple was arrested in November after Marathon County Sheriff’s officials seized two dozen animals from the couple’s home. The animals were being held in conditions so horrifying a 3-month-old puppy had to be put to death.

Investigators said many of the animals did not have adequate food or water, and some were housed in cages so small they were unable to stand up or move, according to court documents.

Diels faces charges of mistreatment of animals resulting in death along with multiple counts of intentional mistreatment of animals and intentional dognapping or catnapping. The charges were filed Nov. 20 in Marathon County Circuit Court.

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