By Shereen Siewert

WESTON — Village of Weston officials have vacated Administrator Dan Guild’s six-week suspension and will pay him more than $68,000 upon his voluntary resignation, which was approved unanimously on Tuesday afternoon.

According to a joint statement released Tuesday afternoon by the village and Guild, the resignation is not the result of any misconduct on Guild’s behalf. Guild’s resignation comes five days after his return from the now-void suspension, which was ordered May 24 following a closed session meeting requested by newly elected trustees Wally Sparks and Mark Maloney.

Under the terms of the separation agreement, Weston will pay Guild $53,850, or half of his $107,700 annual base salary plus $12,247 in back pay — plus interest — for the six weeks of pay Guild missed due to the suspension. Guild will also be paid $1,800 for attorneys fees.

But the full cost to taxpayers for Guild’s departure is significantly higher than the $68,000 specified in the agreement. In addition to those payments, Weston will pay Guild’s employer-share contributions to the Wisconsin Retirement System, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and life insurance. Guild will be paid for all his accumulated paid time off, and the employer-paid portion of his health insurance premiums will be paid for six months.

Full payment is expected to be made by July 20. Guild’s resignation is effective immediately.

Weston has already provided Guild with a positive letter of reference signed by Village President Barbara Ermeling.

“Daniel has been a dedicated leader for the Village of Weston, and he has helped the Board accomplish many things for our community,” Ermeling stated in the joint release. “On behalf of the Board, I want to thank Daniel for his service to this community.”

“It’s been an honor to serve this community,” Guild said in his statement. “As I have previously stated, I have worked with some of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, conscientious, and forward-thinking public servants while serving this community. It has been my privilege to call them my colleagues and my friends these past six years.”

Dean Dietrich, an outside attorney hired by the village to handle the conflict, is away from the office and unavailable for comment.

The full statement is embedded below.Joint News Release of the Village of Weston and Daniel Guild FINAL

6 replies on “Weston reverses administrator’s suspension amid resignation”

  1. This is exhausting. I would like it if the Village of Weston board would explain what happened with the administrator.

  2. I was thought this was a solid and honest community to live in. I’m really beginning to think differently. Maybe time to move.

  3. The Weston village council (or whatever their “title” is) must be watching how the Wausau city council does business. NONE of this makes sense, yet village taxpayer money is being given away like there’s a blooming money tree in their back yard.

  4. These things to not happen without the voters’ consent. Voters elected Wally Sparks to get “change.” Shortly, Mr. Sparks will either become the administrator or become a village president with administrative powers. This is a political coup; it has never been about performance. Now, for better or worse, the village is going to get the change it voted for.

    Apathy and lethargy are a form of consent. Here and there, people have posted comments and questions. However, few have exercised their right to go to village board meetings and express themselves during the public comments period. In instances like these, squawking on social media platforms is not as impactful as people may think.

    Given their recent electoral victories and the meager public response to this political mugging, it is small wonder that board members feel empowered to ignore your questions and proceed with their ambitions.

  5. Most people get the type of government they deserve. I think this is a perfect example of that old saying.

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