Dear Editor:

It’s time for Village of Weston President Barbara Ermeling to resign.

The level of sheer incompetence the Board of Trustees has displayed with regard to Daniel Guild’s employment is mind-boggling. I’m not criticizing the decision to part ways with Guild; that may well have been the right thing for the Village. I’m criticizing them for how they handled it.

Yesterday’s settlement makes it evident that the Village had no cause for terminating Guild’s employment. The village should have simply opted to terminate him without cause. At least we’d have gotten six months worth of work out of him. They could have had him count paperclips in a back office – at least we’d be getting something for our money. Instead, we’re getting nothing.

The fact that Guild managed to juice the board for pension, health insurance, back pay with interest, plus attorney fees is very telling.  Guild got them to eat his suspension and give him glowing references. While he was at it, he should have demanded that Ermeling grab a wheelbarrow and cart his money to the bank for him.

We deserve better government than this. I submit that the Board of Trustees should adopt a resolution apologizing to their constituents for this fiasco.  They should back that up by forgoing their salaries for the next six months. Finally, President Ermeling, as head of this body, must resign.

Andy Sutton


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2 replies on “Letters: Weston president should resign”

  1. Mr. Sutton is a big Wally Sparks supporter. Not surprised by his letter blaming someone else for this fiasco.

  2. That is not fair Bob. Andy took a public stand, and took the board to task. Barb is the President of the Board, and as such she bears quite a bit of the responsibility.

    I appreciate Andy for saying this in public like this.

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