Dear Editor:

Tonight, Marathon County Board of Supervisors will discuss a resolution “to conduct county wide advisory referendum on legalization of medical marijuana.”

I urge all the readers of this email to contact your county board supervisor with your opinions regarding this issue particularly if you believe as I do, that legalization of medical marijuana is one step closer to legalization of recreational marijuana. If you don’t believe me, check out this website of a regional chapter of THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR THE REFORM OF MARIJUANA LAWS.

NORML is “actively” recruiting county boards to pass these resolutions in order to push the state to put a medical marijuana resolution on the statewide ballot in the future. NORML advocates say this activist endeavor is to give people a vote through the referendum process and has nothing to do with future legalization of recreational marijuana. I find that hard to believe since NORML Treasurer is recently quoted as saying “through networking, communication and hard work he believes the reform of marijuana LAWS will progress quickly and we will be one step closer to global peace.” Am not sure what having people high on marijuana has to do with global peace.

The most interesting part of this resolution is that Marathon County taxpayers have funded millions of dollars for drug abuse treatment including marijuana and for law enforcement to take drug peddlers off the street. WHY would the taxpayers of Marathon County want our elected officials to actually support making marijuana legal in any form for which K9 units are specially trained to identify? The whole picture doesn’t make sense to me.

Legalizing marijuana is a national effort and will continue to undermine the integrity of this country. We have seen the glorification of marijuana but please do your research. It is the choice of very young users. All the research from prestigious healthcare organizations including National Institute of Health (NIH) outline the debilitating effects of marijuana use. Readers should be aware legalizing medical marijuana also gives potential abusers the right to use medical reasons for a defense when picked up for operating a vehicle while on marijuana or committing other crimes.

I could outline more information but am urging people to look at the real facts about marijuana and not blindly follow the supporters who use sympathy for those who are ill or in pain. There is MUCH more behind the story of legalization of medical marijuana.

Joanne Leonard, Wausau

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6 replies on “Letters: Marijuana legalization in any form not supported by facts”

  1. All of that typing and no information to support the thesis that marijuana is bad, that this legislation is a gateway drug (heehee) to recreational marijuana legislation.

    Marijuana fear mongering.

    1. The medical values cited are worth considering, read Letters: An educated view of marijuana supports legalization – Wausau Pilot & Review

  2. “These 20 medical benefits of marijuana are among the countless benefits this plant has. It is still puzzling how medical marijuana is still not legal in most of the country, and still retains such a negative reputation. Hopefully in the near future, medical science continues to prove its benefits in more fields, and make this plant a famous cure for all major kinds of ailments.”

    Let’s do more research… just the treatment of seizures seems to be convincing…

  3. This is from the website. “Northern Wisconsin NORML’s mission is to educate and move public opinion sufficiently to achieve the repeal of marijuana prohibition, so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to penalty.”

    I see why you are concerned. I mean why would we want people to be responsible with their drug use.

  4. “I urge all the readers of this email to contact your county board supervisor with your opinions regarding this issue particularly if you believe as I do, that legalization of medical marijuana is one step closer to legalization of recreational marijuana.”

    I have shared my opinion on the issue. The issue before the County Board is whether to allow voters of Marathon County to vote on whether or not they favor allowing sick people medical cannabis with a doctor’s recommendation. Why in the world would anyone be against giving voters a voice on an issue?

    Well, okay, one reason might be that Ms. Leonard feels that a majority in Marathon County are more sympathetic for those who are ill or in pain than she is. The time to debate medical cannabis will be after the Supervisors vote to let their constituents express their opinions.

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