Dear Editor,

I am so tired of everybody saying we are “A Nation of Laws.” Just the other night, President Trump used the phrase several times in his Supreme Court nomination. Our country was founded to escape unjust laws put on the colonies by the King of England. Our Constitution was written with the sole purpose of ensuring our God-given rights and to ensure justice for all. So, no, we are not supposed to be a nation restricted by hundreds of codes and statutes enacted illegally and enforced through fear.

Our forefathers wanted justice to be the key factor when enacting any laws. What is justice? Is it a non-violent weed dealer locked up in a for-profit prison for years? Is it a child molester getting probation? Is it a government whose leaders don’t have to follow the laws they enact? Is it justice when a government spies on its own people? Is it justice when the only victim in almost every criminal case is the state? Is it justice when our court’s plea bargain a persons life away 99 percent of the time, without any trial, whatsoever? Is it justice when our leaders support corporations before the people who elected them?

No, none of that is justice. Justice is righting the wrongs of those whose rights have been infringed upon. Justice is allowing those who have done wrong the chance at redemption. Justice is the quality of being fair and just in all legal matters. Justice can come in many forms, but laws cannot dictate justice. You cannot have a system of codes and statutes that no one can understand enacted for the sole purpose of commerce and expect justice. That is not justice, that is slavery.

The average U.S. citizen commits about three felonies a day, according to the “law” and doesn’t even know it. Is it a crime if there is no victim of wrongdoing? Think of all the fathers, uncles, brothers and sons lost to a system without justice. An unjust law is a crime in itself. We have taken what our forefathers gave us, the Constitution, and shredded it. I don’t need my government telling me how to be a good person. I am a good person who demands justice, not stupid laws. OK, rant over. Peace and justice for all.

Gary Wadzinski, Weston, Wisconsin

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3 replies on “Letters: We have ‘shredded’ the Constitution”

  1. “I don’t need my government telling me how to be a good person. I am a good person who demands justice, not stupid laws.”

    Which laws are stupid?

    The multiple domestic violence and battery laws you’ve broken and been convicted of as a repeater? The multiple DUI convictions? The multiple driving without a license convictions?

    You could always stop driving drunk, beating up your partners and driving without a license, you’d find yourself getting into less trouble if you could just follow those basic rules that are in place to keep others safe from your terrible decisions. It’s not like you did it once and they came down on your extra unfairly. You did all those things multiple times and kept doing it. Then you claim that laws are stupid.

    It doesn’t seem you know how to be a ‘good person’ without the gov’t getting involved and correcting you over and over.

    1. Chris, I agree that people are responsible for their actions, however, when repeated violations occur and no change is manifested, we need to look beyond law enforcement and punishment into the causes and how a medical model needs to be considered and applied, education, counseling, medications… it can be more effective and cheaper in the long term.

  2. Based upon the comment made by Chris, it would appear the old Gary is well acquainted with how the system works havin partaken of it numerous times.

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