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Letters: Republican, Democrat labels divide the nation

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Dear Editor,

We live in extraordinary times. Not since the years of the Great Depression has America seen such gross inequality and political divisiveness. Back then Roosevelt’s New Deal regulations reigned in financial corruption, World War II brought full employment, and the three following decades were a time of unprecedented prosperity for working people.

But by the late 1970’s politicians of both parties were bowing to money and quietly disassembling New Deal regulations. Greed and corruption were regaining control. Our government is now fully owned by big money and both Democrats and Republicans are complicit.

We must quit thinking of ourselves as “Republican” or “Democrat.” These labels only divide. This isn’t a battle between parties. It is a battle between concentrated wealth and the rest of us. Until we understand this we will turn against one another while our real enemy gets richer and more powerful. This is true at both state and federal levels.

Whether “Republican” or “Democrat,” please look at the policies of Mike McCabe as a candidate for Wisconsin governor in the upcoming August 14th primary elections. Mike is the “Bernie Sanders” of Wisconsin. He speaks for all working people. Having grown up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin, and knowing the struggles, Mike has spent his entire working career fighting the influence of big money in politics.

Like Sanders, McCabe refuses corporate campaign contributions, limits personal donations to $200, and is a political independent running on the Democratic Party ticket as the most viable path to serving working people.

Dave Svetlik


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