WAUSAU — Traffic has been detoured temporarily on a portion of N. 10th Street in Wausau after a historic pillar at the entrance of Stewart Park crumbled to the ground this week.

The pillar is one of three columns being restored by the parks department. The columns, which have stood for more than 120 years, have been boarded up for more than a year after they began to lean. Restoration efforts began last month.

Neighborhood residents say they first noticed the ornamental top had fallen. The entire pillar fell about a day later.

After a resident called the parks department to alert them to the fallen pillar, crews closed off a section of N. 10th Street from McClellan to Scott Streets for repairs.

Cost estimates were not immediately available Friday.

City of Wausau detour map


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8 replies on “Historic pillar topples to the ground at Wausau park”

  1. Time to rubble the lot of them. Let’s move on with the 21st century. Nothing lasts forever and nothing in the form of a functionless monument to the stone builders who erected them needs to continue wasting resources.

    1. Yeah Doug. To hell with anything historical, right? Maybe if the city of Wausau would’ve done something to these pillars other than boarding them up from what seems to be OVER a yr. ago before starting any kind of restoration, they wouldn’t have toppled. In the meantime, we have millions of dollars in liens to contractors that haven’t been paid for that colossally stupid waterfront project and to my knowledge, it sits without any work being done. Yup, brilliant. To hell with historical objects/monuments here in the city. We have a $2 million park to build with life size chess pieces.

      1. Historical preservation is a good endeavor. Homes, buildings, and structures with historical significance, but help me understand the historical significance of these pillars? They are too close to the road by today’s safety standards. Maybe they could be moved to the museum property up the block? If they have true historical significance, maybe they’d also have funding for the restoration and move?

  2. Ironic! The funds for fixing this park went on building a $2 million “Pleasing the Downtown Clique Park” under a busy bridge.

      1. You are correct Stan! My apologies! The city did not have any funds to fix this park for over a year. Yet they are going to spend around $2 million for a new park under a busy bridge to please the downtown clique. Happy now? Or you just wants everyone to play stupid and ignore the excessive wasteful spending from the mall to the bridge?

      2. I dunno, Stan….. Yeah, there probably isn’t a paper trail for funding on those monuments, but there’s no denying the fact the city seems to have PLENTY of money to commit to literally everything else. Oh and I get plenty of fiber, thanks. 😉

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